Why Change Your Thoughts?

Can you honestly say you are happy most of the time? Are you healthy and living the life of your dreams?

Many will believe that what I am proposing is a pipe-dream.

Yet I live my dream life.  I wake up happy every day without a conventional alarm clock.  My health is wonderful, and I am living in my dream location.  Yes I still have challenges, this isn’t about having a life free of those.  It is about being happy, joyful, loving and compassionate in all of life’s circumstances.

My life was not always this way.  At my lowest ebb I was suicidal, sick, alone and felt I didn’t matter.  Through what I can only call divine intervention, I came to realise that my conscious and subconscious thoughts were creating this life of misery.

I changed my mind using books, journaling, trying new things, expanding my perception of what was possible.  Not everyone is able to do it the way I did. So having a coach, a mentor can facilitate the changes required in your thinking to create the life you would really like to live.

Your thoughts are powerful.  They are creating the life you have whether you believe it or not.  If you think life is hard and a burden, then it will be.  If you think life is amazing and wonderful, then it will be.

A simple reality but not an easy one to change in all areas, and certainly not instantly.  It does require work.  As one famous author once said  “Thinking is the hardest work of all.”