3 Musts for An Introvert to Succeed

May 9, 2016 Introverts

IntrovertI am an introvert.  It creates its own challenges for succeeding as a small business owner and in life.  The trick is not to become what you are not but to embrace who you are and to work to your strengths while improving weaknesses.

Must Have 1:   A very clear idea about what being an introvert means.  It does not mean you are shy and it does not mean that you are quiet.  It does mean that you need time every day to be alone, to gather your inner resources and to rebuild your energy levels.  The more time spent with others means an equal amount of time required to spend alone to build your energy levels back up.

You Can Do ItMust Have 2:  A new mantra for your mind.  I used to think that I was shy.  When I started my first full-time job many moons ago it was a real struggle to walk in the door each day.  I succeeded by having a quick smoke, plastering a smile on my face walking in the door and saying hello to everybody as I went to my desk.  This went on for months till one day in a group discussion I said I was shy at which point a couple of people laughed a lot and pointed out that I was one of the most outgoing people they knew.  That is the day I changed my mantra..  I never said “I am shy” again.  Unfortunately I did not replace it with a resourceful mantra.  I may not have been shy but I thought I was still different and weird.  Now I know better – I am an introvert so I like being myself, it doesn’t make me weird or different as millions of people are like me in that way.  My much better mantra now, which I worked out for myself a couple of years ago is – “I can do this”.

Must Have 3:  A very clear idea of what you want for your life and very good life boundaries.   Because we tend to like peace and a quiet life, we can sometimes give in to the more talkative extravert just to get said peace and quiet.  This is not always in our best interest and so we can find ourselves feeling used and abused, resentful and hopeless.  The only way to combat this is to have a rock-solid picture of what you want in life, and clear boundaries so that you prioritize your own needs before you say yes to everyone else.  Learning to say No can be useful too.

What are some of your “must haves” to succeed?