3 Ways to Challenge a Limiting Belief.

November 9, 2015 Thoughts

Our limiting beliefs often start in childhood.  They may have been a constant companion for decades and they do not always go away the instant we become aware of them.  Our limiting beliefs have certain fears attached to them, and for someone wanting to succeed in business the most common fear is “not being enough”.  Not intelligent enough, not a people person, not passionate enough, not organised, not worthy, and not capable.  Sometimes our limiting beliefs are triggered by those around us, when it seems to be taking a while to have some wins in our business, or to have more money coming in then going out.  Even though at some level we know that successful businesses do not spring up fully formed overnight, and that if we keep going, one step at a time in the direction of our dreams that we will succeed, when others start to question our choices our own fears and limiting beliefs can kick like a mule.

There are 3 ways we can challenge the limiting belief and stay true to ourselves.

1.   Remember WHY we chose this path in the first place.  I chose to go into business for myself for 3 solid reasons and regardless of what is going on around me they still remain my driving force.  I am passionate about helping others with low self-esteem and low self-worth to find their own gold and to show them how they too can become successful.  I wanted to be free to be available in emergencies with my children and grandchildren if they needed me and I wanted to be able to self-manage my own time to practice many of the creative skills that I have and given up on.

2.   Write down all your wins.  Negative self-talk is much more persistent then our ability to acknowledge ourselves for positive outcomes.  We have to remind ourselves that we have overcome obstacles, that we have a strength inside us, that we have had wins.  Each step we take in a positive direction is a good thing and we need to remember them.  Seeing them written down and the cumulative effect they are having on our lives keeps us inspired and strong.  This exercise can be helped by writing a journal every day, that way you do have a record on hand for when the fear is getting too big, you can go back and read all that you have done on the journey and be inspired to keep going.

3.  Break the Negative State.  The first negative thought is not the end of the world, negative thoughts can be very common, the problem is when you engage with it, which leads to a spiral heading down.  If we have awareness of this we can break the negative state before the spiral gets too big.  You cannot be grateful and negative at the same time, so for every negative thought, think of 3 things that you are grateful for right now.  Stand in front of a mirror and laugh.  Stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself how much you love and admire the person in front of you.  Repeat a positive affirmation about your success for at least 67 seconds.  All these things break the negative state and allow you room and time to remember your WHY and the good things you have already done.  Then you are inspired to take the next step in the direction you want to go.

Don’t allow negative self-talk and limiting beliefs keep you stuck in a life that does not fulfil you.  We are all capable of having our own wonderful life that is right for us.  It takes time, awareness and a belief in ourselves to do it but there are steps we can take and help we can get to make it.

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