3 Ways To Slow Down Time

October 15, 2015 Thoughts

The other day I mentioned to a group of people that there where about 70 days to Christmas, which was met by almost universal angst.  For all of them it was too soon, time was moving too fast.  The days were slipping away.  Time moving fast, or just disappearing is a sign that most days you are on auto-pilot.  Each day is routine, functional and able to be done with little or no thought or presence.  There are 3 ways to SLOW DOWN TIME.


Moving-Fast1.  Change your routine:  It is easy to make small changes to your routine that require that you come off auto-pilot and make some conscious choices.  Drive to or from work on a different route.  Try out a new recipe for dinner, change where you eat dinner, if you sit inside – move it outside.  Try a new hair do, or try a new combination of clothes.  Be aware of what you habitually do and change it up.  This will bring you into awareness for the day, the first step to slowing down time.




2.  Start an awareness or meditation practice.  Time goes faster when we are not living in the present.  We are focusing on the future, the next job, wishing it was Friday when it’s Monday, always thinking ahead instead of ever being aware and fully present in the current moment.  Meditation for 10 to 20 minutes is a great way to become aware, to become fully present in the moment.  It slows you down, concentrating on just one thing like your breathing, or on a piece of music, brings you into the now.  You become more aware of what is around you, right here, right now.  This can carry forward to the whole day so you do notice the roses allowing you the chance to stop and smell the roses.

bushwalking3.  Make more memories.  “Life is not the number of days you live – it is the number of days you remember.” Renfrew Collingwood.   To make more memories we have to be willing to step out from our comfort zones.  Instead of cleaning the house on the weekend, let it slide and go out and do something awesome, totally different to your usual routine and create a memory.  The more memories you build over a day, week or month, the slower time will seem to be.  You won’t be worried that time is passing you by, you will be amazed at how much you have fitted in, in such a short time.  I have a huge list of memories from the last 5 months.  Not all good, as even bad things can create a memory for you, like my dad dying, yet when I look back at everything that has happened in the last few months, I think wow…   so much in such a short space of time, it feels much longer than that.  70 days till Christmas,  heaps of time to be, do and have all sorts of amazing things.

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Love and Light