90 Day Challenge   Money Mindset

untitledI created this 90 day challenge initially for myself around the subject of money.  I want to completely change my mindset around money, how easy it is to come by, what I am able to attract into my life in a year, what it really is that I want the money for..

We all have limiting beliefs about money.  Apart from the born wealthy we all have blocks about money, what we can earn, what is a “reasonable’ amount and many, many more beliefs that we have taken on board from our earliest childhoods.  I have already made some headway in this area, although the results showing up in my life suggest I still have a way to go – so therefore the 90 day challenge.  Each week builds on the next, continue the practise you learnt in each week as you move into the next.

Week One

We train our minds through repetition so I am starting week one with the idea that I want to build on throughout the 90 days.   ABUNDANCE!!!    Week one is thinking about all the ways abundance already shows up in a life.

Don’t think about money,  that is where the blocks are, so this week is about awareness of where abundance already shows up in your life.

An abundance of sunshine, an abundance of light, an abundance of colour, an abundance of love, an abundance of grandchildren, an abundance of friends, an abundance of opportunity, an abundance of food, an abundance of coffee, an abundance of Facebook friends, an abundance of flowers, an abundance of greenery, an abundance of photos, an abundance of books, an abundance of ideas, an abundance of thoughts, an abundance of experiences.

So much abundance already in my life.  Week one is to be Happy and Grateful Now for all the Abundance I already have in my life.

Start your challenge this week with thinking of all the abundant things you can be happy and grateful for that are in your life now!


Value add this week.  When you are thinking of all the things you already have in abundance, think about how they might be improved, made better, taken better care of, not taken for granted.  You might weed your gardens, sort out your wardrobe, do a junk clean out of your house, display beautiful pieces in a better way, take more time to spend with friends and family, give time to those things that already bring abundance into your week.


This week you start to play, or you get to do that thing as a child you were told to stop doing, DAYDREAM!!   Some people find it hard to visualise or to daydream as it was seen as something bad. Now stop a few times a day and visualise yourself doing something.  A good one to start with is sucking a lemon.  Imagine a lemon, feel the texture of the skin, smell the fresh citrus scent, imagine yourself cutting into it and then bringing it to your lips and taking a suck.  Feel the sensation in your mouth and your body as your body reacts to the sourness.  Your brain cannot tell the difference between an imagined and a real situation and your body will respond if you have truly visualised sucking a lemon.  Visualise past memories or make up scenes so that you once again build the daydream muscle.


Imagine you had 5 lives.  What would you be doing?  What are some of the experiences you would love to have in your life.  What skills and talents would you acquire?  Continue to daydream, now building on it to imagine yourself living your 5 lives.  This is still play as we are learning to visualise and to see ourselves having and doing everything we desire without our ‘ego’ interfering.


This week you will start one thing from a life that you can do this week. Make sure it is something new, that you thought you would put off till you retire, or have more time, the idea is to “Not Wait”.  So often we wait until things are better, times are better, we wait till we have more money, we wait and we wait and we wait.

I started learning French.  I am using Duo Lingo which is a free and easy to use app and you can do as little as five minutes a day.


This is the half-way mark, you are starting to build new neural networks around abundance.  Take time this week to reflect back on the last 6 weeks and to see what attitude changes there have been.  Explore your feelings, are you more grateful, less stressed? Are you having fun visualising?  Are you more aware of all sorts of possibilities when you are not restricting yourself to just one life?  Is there one of the five that you visualise more often and with more colour?  Are you still doing the one thing?    When you have thought about all these things congratulate yourself on any and all changes you recognise.  Reward yourself.  Feel good about the journey!!!

Week 7

Stretch your mind muscle around what you are worth.  Start with “I am” statements in relation to how much you are earning a year.  You may make the statement I am earning a million dollars and instantly feel wrong, your conscious and subconscious are not going to buy that, they can tell you are lying.  Start with at least 20% more than you are earning now, and when you can say it with conviction and meaning, knowing that it is not only possible but probable than stretch again.  You want to let your mind know that it is ok to move beyond what you already know.

Week 8

Imagine it is a wet, cold and windy weekend.  If you were worth a million dollars, what would you be doing?  How would you enjoy yourself in this situation.  You may discover that you would be happy to spend the weekend much the same way as you now do, or you may discover that there are new things you want to try.  Think of all the things you tell yourself you would do if only you had the money.  Without going into debt, what is one thing you could do from that list this coming weekend.

Week 9

Wealth does not just come from the money we earn but by taking a portion of our earnings and making the money work for us.  This week ‘Pay Yourself First’.  Before you pay your bills, buy the food and dish out money to the family, take 10% of your income and put it away in a high interest on-line bank account.  One without a card so that you cannot access the money too easily.  Also if you have money in savings in a bank account earning little or no interest, take 10% of that and invest it.  You may need to talk to a Financial Advisor if you have no idea about investing, or you can read Tony Robbins book Money, and invest that money in something that will give you a better return.  This money, along with your 10% each payday is how you build wealth, making money work for you.  It is for long-term growth, not easily accessible spending money.

Week 10

One of the “fears” that people have around money is that they will lose it, or that there is never enough to go around, and that you have to be really careful with it.  Money causes more stress than any other subject and is often quoted as the reason for a lot of divorces.  Money is energy.  It is a tool.  It comes and goes as we create value in the world.  There are a million and one ways to make money.  Money has to flow.  If it does not flow it becomes like a stagnant pond.  To have money flow as it wants to we have to learn to let it go.  Find a cause or a person that needs money more than you do at this moment in their life and either give them some of yours, or give them great value that you would normally charge for.  Give to the point of hurting – a bit.  Feel the fear and do it any way.  I promise that a few weeks from now you will not even remember how anxious you were.  Let money take its rightful place in your life, not the be all and end all, but a tool we use to measure value.  That is all it is.  We all have much more value to give, we can always make more money, and money loves to flow.  If you let it go, it will come back to you.