Hi, I am Maryanne Watts and I am the CEO of Being Your Thoughts.

I did not have the easiest childhood, was raised in a single family, had abandonment issues, was bullied at school a lot, had a lot of other things happen, sometimes through bad choices on my part, sometimes through the bad choices of others so I know the pain of feeling “not good enough”, always trying to make someone happy and never succeeding, feeling that abuse, especially emotional was par for the course.  I still managed to have an interesting life and to survive.  About 8 years ago I hit rock bottom.  In my 40’s and believing that a good life was for anybody else but me.  I was sick, unemployed, broke and single – again.  In one very vulnerable moment I heard my own sub-conscious, I was in a prison of my own making.  Yes my childhood and other stuff had happened but it didn’t have to control the rest of my life.  All I had to do was change my mind and so I did.  It has taken quite a few years, although it sped up immensely once I started being coached.  We can create a beautiful, meaningful, successful and abundant life for ourselves regardless of how bad our start was, and regardless of being an introvert.  It is all within us to be whatever we want to be.

Every result we get in life starts from our Mindset.  I can help you find the strategies that will create the Mindset you need to live the life you want to live. To get over the trying to please, feeling afraid and worthless most of the time and to create a mindset so that you know you are enough, you are worthwhile, you do matter and you are capable.

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Sometimes reading about what others have gone through can help in your journey.  My book “Life Is Not Always Easy but It Can Be Exhilarating” can be purchased as an e-book for $9.99  from all e-book vendors.

Love and Light