Hi, I am Maryanne Watts and I am the creator of Being Your Thoughts.

Much of life is lived as if we have no choice.  It is what it is.  We may wonder why others do better or have it easier.  At my lowest point in my late 40’s I finally understood that it was my own miserable thoughts that were creating my miserable life.  Our thoughts are energy in motion.  They will either spiral you up to an ever brighter future,  or they will spiral you down to the depths of despair.  The best thing to know about thoughts is they are not random.  They may be on Auto-pilot but you can become consciously aware, and consciously change your thoughts to create the dream life you secretly always wanted.

The concept is simple, and you can start the change process immediately, but it is not always easy.  I healed myself of depression, serious illness and relationship issues with my family.  I met an absolute charmer, who eventually turned violent.  During my time with him I learnt how others can affect us if we are not vigilant about our thoughts.

Now single again, life is wonderful.  I live in my dream location doing art, woodcarving, gardening and volunteering.  Now I am ready to re-launch this site to show others…  You are your thoughts, and you can change them to be more than you ever thought possible.

I can help you find the strategies that work for you which will create new thoughts so you can have the life you want.

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Love and Light