Accept What Is, Surrender Outcomes and Be in the Moment.

Accept What Is, Let Go of Outcomes and Being in the Moment
February 13, 2018 Thoughts

Accep What Is, Let Go of Outcomes and Be in the Moment I am, without a doubt, a serious person.  I think a lot.  For me, the challenge is learning to accept what is, surrender outcomes and be in the moment.  Sometimes it comes easily, especially in the midst of circumstances where I have absolutely zero control.

Yesterday we had a blackout. When the power went off it was almost 39 degrees.  Inside soon became too hot and stuffy.  Outside, it was like stepping into a hot, blanket of humidity. Trickles of perspiration coursed down my face and body.  I got myself a big glass of cold water and settled down to wait it out. Getting angry or frustrated was pointless.  With the power out we also had no phone or internet reception.  It was too hot to paint or draw.  It was as it was and I could accept it, or get angry and frustrated. The choice was mine.

My ankles started to puff up in the heat.  The hammock beckoned from the corner of the veranda.  A wasp built a nest in it in spring, so it had been hanging there unused since then.  I brushed off the old nest and got in.  Bliss. Hammocks are surprisingly cool.  As the weather cooled just a little, swinging in the hammock no longer appealed.

It was too hot to mow.  There had to be something I could do.  I spied the makings for new fly-screens we had bought months before. I had put off making them because I wasn’t sure I would do it correctly.  Now was the perfect time to give it a go. If it worked, it worked.   I started. Paul, my husband, soon took over the sawing of the mitres as I was taking far too long. Within an hour we had a new fly-screen.   There had always been something else to do, something seemingly more important, or easier.  Yet, when faced with boredom, frustration and heat, it suddenly became the simplest and easiest thing to do.  It probably helped that I finished making my first picture frame earlier that day.

With the fly-screen finished and the sun going down, it was cool enough just to sit and enjoy the moment.  Being in the moment, has always been the easiest part.  Meditation, journaling, art and gratitude are all part of present moment awareness.  Circumstances that could have led to anger, frustration, boredom and annoyance ended up being  pleasurable and rewarding.  All my years of learning about accepting, surrendering and being in the moment came together in a beautiful way.  Who knew you could be so grateful for a black-out in the middle of a heatwave.

Are you able to accept what is?  Surrender to outcomes?  Be present in the moment?

If you need help with any of these please contact me or please share your experiences of when it has come together for you as well.

Love and Light