The Analogy of Life as a Jigsaw – Better than a Box of Chocolates!

The Analogy of Life as a Jigsaw - Better than a Box of Chocolates!
July 31, 2017 Thoughts, Uncategorized

The Analogy of Life as a Jigsaw - Better than a Box of Chocolates!Do you relate to the famous line from “Forrest Gump” – Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you will get?  This is a terrible analogy for living life.  It takes away choice, responsibility and certainty.  A better analogy is – “life as a Jigsaw Puzzle”.  The ‘perfect’ jigsaw puzzle is one you design, it is in front of you for easy reference and all the pieces fit in together.

There are different levels of life as a jigsaw.

  1. There are many scattered pieces and you are trying to sort them out to their various components; sky, background, focus point. (work, money, relationships, leisure)  Not having a clear picture of what it is you are building, you can’t be certain all the pieces are there.  You find you have pieces from other puzzles. Your parents picture for your life.  Odd disjointed dreams you picked up over years, pieces picked up from others about what you “should” be doing.  Nothing is fitting together and you feel like life really is a box of chocolates, and you have all the soft centres which you hate.
  2. You have an old jigsaw puzzle.  It is a picture developed when you were young with a lot of input from others.  Although well into the making of this old puzzle you have lost all interest in it.  You are doing it because you think you have to. Therefore, it is unfulfilling and an energy drain.
  3. You have a jigsaw with extremely poor picture quality.  It is unfocused with quite a few grey areas.  Not knowing where all the small bits fit in, you pick up a piece to put into the puzzle. You can’t match it, as the picture is so hazy.  Somehow you know it fits but you get frustrated and angry.  You want to give up and throw the puzzle away.
  4. You have a beautiful jigsaw you designed yourself.  The picture is crisp and clear.  All the components are there.  To make sure it is in front of you all the time, you have written it down and put it up on your wall as a vision board.  Every piece fits in this perfect picture and you can see how it fits, the links it has to other bits.  You are excited, passionate and willing to put in the effort to complete this jigsaw because it is so clear, beautiful and everything you desire.

You can Start or Rebuild a Jigsaw Now

This analogy came to me when I realised I was working at level 3.  One part of my picture was super clear, living on the farm.  Lots of the picture was hazy, not clearly thought out, and hard to put together as a satisfying whole.  I am now working on the crystal clear version of it as I know what the hazy picture was meant to look like.

It is possible to design your life.  The more certain you are of what you desire, knowing what you want, helps you to draw up a wonderful design you can then put together.  If you finish one jigsaw then design and build another.

Are you living life as if it was a box of chocolates or are you building a jigsaw at one of the above levels?  Would you like help to design a life worth building?

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Love and light