Is Apathy the most Dangerous Problem of our Society?

January 12, 2018 Uncategorized

What is Apathy?  Apathy is a lack of feeling, emotion, interest and concern.  Apathy is a state of indifference or the suppression of emotions such as concern, excitement, motivation and/or passion.  An apathetic individual has an absence of interest or concern about emotional, social, spiritual, philosophical and/or physical life and the world.

The other day the word Apathy kept coming up in my thoughts.  I like many others, thought of apathy as part of the political process.  Not much we can do so we don’t care.  During my journaling I realised apathy is much bigger and broader than this.

“People think hate is the opposite of love, but it is not. Apathy is.  Apathy is the absence of life energy. It is giving up.  A person who has a spark of love for themselves does not give up on what is best for them.  They do not give in to apathy. They stay connected and interested. There is zero creative energy in apathy. So when I become apathetic about something, telling myself it doesn’t matter, I have lost the energy to create it. What I love expands, what I am apathetic about contracts.  Therefore, if I am apathetic about money, there is no energy to create and expand it.  If I am apathetic about relationships they will contract.  The opposite of apathy is love. So love all that is, especially yourself.  Be grateful and appreciative of life, take pleasure in it, desire to see the expansion of it.”

The best example I can think of to illustrate this point is in the area of health.  We all want to be healthy.  The desire to be healthy is part of loving yourself.  There are reams and reams of information about living a healthy life.  The two most important components being; eat well and exercise.  The current obesity epidemic and the rise of type 2 diabetes suggests people don’t love themselves.  If you ask them they wouldn’t say they hated themselves either.  Many though would certainly give signs they are totally apathetic towards their health.  They will be concerned when they lose a limb or their heart gives out.

If you want to live an expanding, loving, abundant life you first have to start with love for self.  Love is the highest creative energy.  What you love and are grateful for expands.  Not in the inches of the weight but in possibility, potential, abundant energy.  It is the expansion from mediocre to extraordinary.  Apathy has no creative energy.  To be apathetic about your own well-being means you have no creative energy to do anything in the wider world.  Your world contracts, your ability to be significant in the world contracts.  The end of contraction is death, and many have died before their physical death.

Love is wonderful in its capacity to grow.  You do not have to start from a place of total love for yourself.  It starts from a daily choice to care.  Care today about yourself.  As your thoughts tend towards, “oh it doesn’t matter”, stop!  All change comes from the one initial choice.  Choose to love yourself just a little today.

Love and Light