Appreciating You!

December 10, 2015 Thoughts

Over the last couple of weeks I have been aware of all the things I am very grateful for and in focusing on them, bringing them to conscious awareness I have come to appreciate the small details.  Becoming so focused on one topic, to have it in such awareness leads to new knowledge, new insights and the way that our own habits and behaviours can be blocking our success even when we are totally ignorant of that fact.

With even the slightest bit of thought it can be easy to come up with one or two things we are grateful for, things we appreciate in our lives.  Usually they are external to us, experiences or people that we are grateful for, maybe they are the purely materialistic things that make life easier.  Although it is wonderful to appreciate these things and be grateful for them, a successful life works from the inside out.  It is our reflection of ourselves that we see.  Do you appreciate yourself, are you grateful for BEING YOU!

I realised that as I consciously thought of more and more things around me to appreciate that my inner feelings about myself went through a change.  At first it was very uncomfortable, the more I appreciated outside things, I felt less than, one day I felt all choked up, like I wanted to cry a bucket-load of tears, it was my unconscious and conscious mind meeting on my value, my worth, my appreciation for who I was on the inside and showing me that there was some discord in that.  It was an ah-ha moment, I was not seeing and appreciating my own worth as a unique, talented and worthwhile individual.  I had allowed circumstances and other people’s opinions to muddy up the waters of my own thinking.

It has only been a few days and yet as I have appreciated myself more, been grateful for being me, I have seen that how I feel about myself, what I believe to be true about myself, and changing some of the less helpful thoughts, that the external reflection is changing.  Being grateful for all the things in your life will help change your circumstances, being grateful and appreciating yourself first will change things exponentially.

Love and Light