Being Authentic

June 6, 2016 Introverts

Being AuthenticI have been watching a lot of marketing video’s and reading blogs about building a coaching business.  They have all been informative and have given me many tips that can improve my business as I implement them.  One of the things that really came across is about being ‘authentic’.  I am not a bells and whistles kind of gal.  I am a quiet achiever.  I would say a very strong, compassionate, no bull, quiet achiever.  I know what it is like to feel that you are the quiet mouse in amongst the loud and the beautiful.  Does that mean that you have to become loud and beautiful to succeed?

Number 1.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I am 53 and I take care of myself, going to the gym, watching what I eat and cleaning and moisturising my face everyday, I am beautiful to me.  My beauty shines in my smile lines and because I know I am beautiful both on the inside and the outside.  Would I do better if I wore make-up all the times, making sure that in the first 6 seconds some-one met me and made up their mind about me that I was portraying myself in the way society says successful people look and dress.  Yes probably, but my life-coaching practice is about helping people get over past conditioning and to be happy, joyful, authentic and successful people – being the best them they can be.  Not trying to fit into a society and feeling less than but being confident that they are worthy, successful with loads to offer the world simply by being their best selves.

Woman doing meditation near the ocean beach. Yoga silhouette.Number 2.  Confidence doesn’t always show itself by the loudest roar.  There is a lot of difference in being quiet because there is some fear attached and quietness that comes from a calm and contented enjoyment of life.  I belong to Toastmasters so speak in front of an audience regularly, I am not afraid to share my thoughts and feelings, and I write my blog, putting myself out there in ways that suit me.  I am passionate about what I do, yet I am sure I will never have the presenting presence of a Tony Robbins or Sharon Pearson.  Unfortunately in this day and age, the ability to show up with that kind of energy and passion is rewarded.  One thing I do know, that in a one-to-one coaching session, our beliefs, passion and commitment to helping clients get the best out of life are all on par.

Being authentic is about recognising your own strengths and weaknesses and working out what ‘success’ is for yourself in a way that embraces and rewards that which is unique and beautiful about who you are!

Please leave a comment about “Being Authentic” and whether  you think a quiet achiever needs to learn to be more out there to succeed in this day and age.

Love and Light