Being or Doing?

September 10, 2015 Thoughts

Have you ever felt that you were just going through the motions with stuff?  It was expected of you, or you thought it was what you had to do to succeed in whatever task or job you are engaged in?  When you are going through the motions, are you engaged, fulfilled and passionate about the task?

I ask these questions because of the journey I am currently on.  I do not want my Business to be just a job, and yet when I am learning about sales and marketing that is often how it feels.  Thanks to a few books I have read in the past week, I realise that what I have to get right first in relation to this is my mindset.  Before I DO anything, I have to be in the headspace of BEING.

I am a Life Coach.  I have a business, which also makes me a businesswoman.  My headspace was not in the Being a Businesswoman.  The self-talk around the business side of things has been pretty negative.  I know I am a great coach.  I do not know, or even believe that I am a great businesswoman.  Not a good headspace to be in to learn about and to implement the sales and marketing side of my business.

When we come from a place of Being, the doing is easy.  It is the next logical step.  There is a passion and a drive to do our very best.  Inspiration is unlocked and the range of possibilities is opened up.  When things don’t quite go to plan, it is seen as a learning opportunity, a reason to do better next time.

When we go through the motions we are limiting ourselves to what others have done before.  Any failure to get the results we want is reason to beat ourselves up, to let the negative self-talk have a field day, it pushes us in a downward spiral to quitting or to allowing ourselves to be mediocre just to keep the job.

In making the shift from doing to being the first question is; Who do I need to Be to be successful at this?  What character traits exemplify the very best of who I want to BE?   Organised, resilient, open, non-judgemental, confident, self-aware.   The second question is;  What strengths do I already have that I can bring to this?  and the third question is;  Who or what can I bring into my business to help me lessen the impact of my weaknesses?

Asking better questions of ourselves means that we get much better outcomes.  When I ask myself what do I have to do?  I can write a huge to-do list, and I can get through some of it… only for it to have no impact as I am just going through the motions,  there is no energy behind it.  When I ask myself first,  Who do I have to BE, and what strengths am I bringing to the table?  I build confidence in myself, I realise that I do have strengths that I can bring to this,  I do realise that it is not the destination but staying on the journey that will lead to the results I desire.  I become inspired.

Are you in the space of Doing or in the space of Being?

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Love and Light