March 14, 2016 Thoughts

Being your thoughts is a moment to moment thing.  It is present tense.  I am being happy, I am being successful, I am being a grump or I am being stressed. We do not often think of the word BEING as part of our language.  We say I am stressed, or I am sick or I am happy and it is just the way things are, we are not really in control of it.

Being AngryOver the weekend I realised that I was angry a few times, and it was a wake-up call for me as I do not often get angry, so it only took a little while to realise that I was reacting rather than responding to the situation.  It was in the noticing that I was able to become aware and to ask myself, “why am I getting angry about this?”  It is possible to feel an emotion, and then to be able to respond rather than react as we all get angry sometimes.  For me it was about expectation.  I expected things to be a certain way and instantly reacted in anger when the expectation was being thwarted.  I was allowing an unproductive expectation get in the way of my happiness instead of accepting what was.

Being HappyAwareness is knowing that I am being a certain way in this present moment and it is either productive or unproductive. Our actions are part of our BEING.  If we want to be successful, happy, abundant, joyous, healthy and alive then we need to choose to be that way in the present moment.  It is possible to choose not to be angry, or to choose not to be stressed.  It only takes moments of awareness and then to choose a much more productive way to deal with any given situation.

Who do you want to be?  Can you choose to be that now?

Talking with a coach and learning awareness techniques and some strategies on implementing positive productive behaviours can quickly turn your life around from a stressful reactive life to a productive, peaceful and joyful one.

Love and Light