The Benefits of Being Crazy

October 5, 2015 Thoughts

The Benefits of Being Crazy | Being Your Thoughts

At this point in time we see extreme crazy people changing the world in a way that we do not want.  They take their extremist views and use violence or discrimination to destroy rather than build. Yet many sit back and let apathy or safety or the government be responsible for fixing the problem.   There is another way to be CRAZY.

Be Crazy for Peace:  Being peaceful starts with each and every individual.  You cannot condemn hate and anger in others while still hating anyone yourself.  You cannot hold grudges and wish harm on others and also want peace.  Peace means being at peace within yourself and with everyone around you. Starting a true movement for peace means that we have to change our thinking.  Stop thinking “eye for an eye” or that violence is the only way to stop violence.

As Einstein said, “you cannot change something by using the same thinking that started it in the first place.”  Being crazy positive for peace means that you as an individual take responsibility for not contributing to ideas of hate, retribution, anger and judgement. First within the sphere of your own family, then within your communities.  Peace starts with the individual.

Be Crazy for Love:  Have you ever looked at a new born baby and thought ‘that baby is pure evil’.  I know when I see a new born, they are perfect and beautiful.  They may grow up with a heap of crud that covers the perfection, yet in every human is still the potential they were born with.  Love sees the potential; it doesn’t write anyone off.  Right off the top of the bat I can name half a dozen people that we can describe as pure evil.  But think about it,  only a handful.  Do we live in fear and condemn millions on the off chance of the one?

A youth worker once told me that for young people to succeed, all they need is one person to love them unconditionally. To believe in them totally, while showing them a better way to be, for them to turn their life around.

Be Crazy for Balance:  The World Economic Forum said ‘The large and growing income gap between rich and poor is the biggest risk to the global community in the next decade’.   Balance starts when we stop making everything a competition.  We can all earn more, do better, have the lifestyle we want.

There is a productive and an unproductive way to do that.  By building everyone up, making sure there is equal opportunity. A helping hand when needed, the basics of life covered and more time teaching others what is possible, rather than exploiting them for economic gain, is a road to balance.  Realising that life is more about relationships and experiences than about money or the job.  Yes having money is close to the need for oxygen and water, but all we need is enough to live each day.

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Love and Light