A Better Way to Deal With Depression and the Drug Problem

January 2, 2019 Uncategorized

depressionOver the New Year period, there have again been deaths because of drugs and depression.  Most people seem to think it is a law and order problem.  Politicians especially have no idea about why people take drugs, or even why they may be depressed, and so they have no real solutions.  They then make the situation worse because they do make it a law and order problem.  Here is why I know they are going the wrong way.

I am not your average self-help, mindfulness, healthy guru type.  I smoke and I drink, not a lot, yet I do enjoy a glass or two of wine, or some champagne on special occasions.  For a real party mood I may have a Canadian Club and dry.   I became a self-help, mindfulness, life coach because I had major depression.  I never felt like I fit in or belonged anywhere.  Due to multiple allergies to medications I could not take prescription anti-depressants and so I had to change my mind without the use of drugs, to get better.

I still feel like I don’t really fit into society.  I know all the social graces, and do quite well, and yet I retreat to my bush block to be totally me.  On New Years Eve I saw just how society can make people feel isolated and “wrong”.  For the first time they were having fireworks in my local town.  Yeah, I love fireworks.  I thought I would recreate memories of us going to Live Fire in Canberra years before.  Setting up with a glass or two of wine,  some yummy picnic food and a comfy chair.

I was not allowed to consume my wine, I had to take it back to the car.  There was a licenced bar so had to purchase my drinks from there.  Fair enough, except you could not take the drink back to your chair, you had to consume it within the small confines of the bar.  My husband doesn’t drink, or walk far, so this would mean long periods separated from him.

For the smokers, there was a designated area behind the bar.  Totally isolated from view of anything.  Now I am aware people don’t like smokers, but we were in the middle of a large sports field,  and we could separate ourselves so as not to interfere with others.  Also we were there for fireworks, and they let off a lot of toxic smoke!

I made a choice not to stay.  Yes I missed out on the fireworks, but going to something like that is about making memories with those you love.  Being part of firstly the small group you are with,  and then with the wider community all enjoying the same experience.  Except we wouldn’t be sharing the same experience because we were not able to be within the group or even near them.

People become depressed and/or take drugs due to their reactions to what life throws at them.  For many, it would be the feeling they do not belong, or do not measure up.  Societies response is to say yep, you don’t, so we are going to  make you feel even more wrong.  This is why all the messaging about acceptance of mental illness etc is not working.  Many are like me, they don’t want to conform.  It was my obvious lack of conformity that set me apart in the first place.  I am able to not conform now, in a productive, joyful and delightful way, which fulfils me completely.

I would have loved to see the fireworks, as a part of an inclusive, tolerant, caring community.  Because when people feel good about themselves, they may not be total conformists,  but they do find productive ways of expressing their differences.  And those who are already struggling will not find themselves being pushed even further out.

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Love and Light