Is Your Big Picture Thinking too Small?

October 22, 2013 Random Thoughts

Big Picture ThinkingWhile writing this blog I was aware of the many blogs that are available that share much the same thing. We are what we think.  Our thoughts and our beliefs make a real difference to the outward expression of our lives.  I am also aware that many of the blogs focus on the material benefits of the Law of Attraction.  If I was to write a blog about making money I would have a much bigger following.  When William Booth started the Salvation Army in 1867 he stated that you cannot win souls when people are cold and starving. Therefore they provided warm places to meet, and a soup kitchen, and the church grew from that. Unfortunately many people with a lot still think they are in the cold and starving category. Is our big picture thinking too small?

Why WE Limit the Picture 

The Law of Attraction is very precise. It is not restricted to the making of money, or the relieving of stress and yet there is little written about how Big the picture could be.  What if your bigger picture was about Peace in the World?   Or if everyone was able to live a rich and fulfilled life which meant the escapes of Drugs, Alcohol and Poker Machines were no longer a problem?  What if our health and the health of the natural world were a true mirror of our inner thoughts, feelings and beliefs?  Some of these problems seem so big that an individual may ask, “How can I as one person make a difference?”   Like a stone thrown into a still pond, the ripples that we send out affect the whole.

Big Picture ThinkingForget the War on Everything

Whatever we focus our minds on expands in our consciousness.  Whatever we give time and attention to grows in our reality.  When we have a War on Terrorism,  a War on Drugs,  a War on anything we are thinking about the perceived right and wrong of the situation. We are giving attention to what is wrong in the world, and we are therefore creating more of that which we want to get rid of.  Mother Teresa was asked if she would join the March against War in Vietnam, and her response was, “When you have a march For Peace, then I will join in.”

If the people who are already aware of the Power of the Law of Attraction, were able to get past the limited use of this knowledge, they could change the world. Think what a Heaven on Earth might look like for ALL people. Then we may have more  Love, Peace, Happiness, Joy,  Passion and Eagerness for all people on Earth,  and that is a big picture worth pursuing.

Love and Light