Is it Easy or Hard to Live a Life you Love?

January 15, 2019 Emotions and Thought

Today I woke up at my usual 5.30am.  I have been doing it for so long now it is second nature.  I do not have an alarm, and I can snooze a bit if I desire.  If I do decide to snooze I usually get up about 15 minutes later laughing.  My wake up time […]

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How Love Really Is the Answer to Everything!

January 7, 2019 Uncategorized

For 50 something years of my life I never felt loved.  I didn’t really understand it.    When I realised I didn’t love myself, and didn’t actually think I was loveable was an incredibly emotional day.  Because I was incapable of loving myself, I therefore put an immense burden on those around me to prove […]

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A Different Way of Thinking To Create a Better World.

January 4, 2019 Uncategorized

Watching or reading the news on a regular basis, you could be forgiven for thinking we are living in a world going down the toilet.  There is a different way of thinking about the world, which will lead to the creation of a better one. How we are in both our personal and community life […]

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A Better Way to Deal With Depression and the Drug Problem

January 2, 2019 Uncategorized

Over the New Year period, there have again been deaths because of drugs and depression.  Most people seem to think it is a law and order problem.  Politicians especially have no idea about why people take drugs, or even why they may be depressed, and so they have no real solutions.  They then make the […]

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Are Your Thoughts About the New Year Productive?

January 1, 2019 Thoughts

It is the start of a New Year, which might mean New Years Resolutions for some, or a ho-hum just another year attitude from others.  Your thoughts about the year will set up how it turns out.  Do you know what it is you want from life this coming year?  Are you passionate about your […]

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What Does “Happiness” Mean to You?

June 6, 2018 Emotions and Thought

For the average person who has never known suicidal thoughts or depression happy is just what they are.  An ok feeling about life.  They may be caught up in the rat-race, the conditioning of true happiness happens on weekends and in retirement, but on the whole they are ok.  Until they are not.   The […]

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When Change Feels Like You Might Have To Destroy Everything!

May 18, 2018 Thoughts

I love home renovation shows.  Seeing the change from old, worn, dysfunctional space to a brighter, better space.  Changing a life can be like a home renovation.  Sometimes you have to pull down and destroy what is old, worn and dysfunctional so you are able to create anew. The Past Ten years ago my house […]

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Being all Serious About Money and Financial Success Can Be Counter-Productive.

March 6, 2018 Thoughts

Do you take life too seriously?  Sometimes I do.  Especially around money and financial success.  My ego loves to tell me I am not taking life seriously enough.  “How can I expect to be a financial success if I don’t spend every single day, every minute striving for it.”  Goals, plans, the right funnel, social […]

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My Personal Journey of Self-Worth – What I am Still Learning

February 27, 2018 Uncategorized

It has almost been ten years since I started this particular journey in my life.  At my lowest point I sat on the back step at my dad’s house and contemplated suicide.  I felt hopeless.  I thought I didn’t matter.  Zero self-worth.  My life was a mess. Then I heard a voice.  “You are in […]

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Something to Think About, Why Not All the Poor Get Poorer!

February 20, 2018 Thoughts

Most people have heard the generalisation, “The rich get richer while the poor get poorer.”  This seems to be a reasonable statement to many.  If you ask is it true 100% of the time, then the answer is obviously no.  There are many rags to riches stories.  If the generalisation is not true 100% of […]

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Accept What Is, Surrender Outcomes and Be in the Moment.

February 13, 2018 Thoughts

I am, without a doubt, a serious person.  I think a lot.  For me, the challenge is learning to accept what is, surrender outcomes and be in the moment.  Sometimes it comes easily, especially in the midst of circumstances where I have absolutely zero control. Yesterday we had a blackout. When the power went off […]

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Are You a Modern Day Slave? The Role of Conditioning and Mindset in Life.

February 6, 2018 Uncategorized

Previously, I have written about who we are, apathy, responsibility, and questioning life.  Today I am turning up the heat a little.  You don’t question the status quo because of conditioning! Slavery:   Collins English Dictionary. The state or condition of being a slave; a civil relationship whereby one person has absolute power over another […]

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When “Siri” May Understand More Than Most People Do

January 30, 2018 Uncategorized

I was looking for quotes today about questioning things. “When a child asks a question, no matter how obscure it may be, it is their way of trying to understand something.” Sara Deedley “Some men see things as they are and ask “why”? You dream things that never were and ask “why not”? JF Kennedy “The […]

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Are You “Waiting” for Your Circumstances to Change?

January 23, 2018 Uncategorized

When I was at my lowest point of depression I can clearly remember wanting to be rescued.  I thought if only my Prince Charming would appear and whisk me off my feet than everything would be better.  This might sound like fairy-tale stuff and nobody really believes it.  Yet, most people at some level are […]

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Do You Want to Live a Happy, Peaceful and Abundant Life?

January 18, 2018 Thoughts

Last week I wrote about Apathy and how it might be the most dangerous thing in our society today.  Today I will look more closely why that is so.   To sum up Apathy in a nutshell; Apathy is the delegation of responsibility for a Happy, Peaceful and Abundant Life to someone else. We are […]

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Is Apathy the most Dangerous Problem of our Society?

January 12, 2018 Uncategorized

What is Apathy?  Apathy is a lack of feeling, emotion, interest and concern.  Apathy is a state of indifference or the suppression of emotions such as concern, excitement, motivation and/or passion.  An apathetic individual has an absence of interest or concern about emotional, social, spiritual, philosophical and/or physical life and the world. The other day […]

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Is Our Understanding of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Upside Down?

January 9, 2018 Thoughts

In a competitive world where the excesses of capitalism and materialism seem difficult to turn around, finding a starting point is imperative.  Understanding how we have got to this point can be found in our current understanding of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.  Many people are striving to fulfil the first two needs of satisfying their […]

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Starting the New Year the Right Way without Resolutions

January 4, 2018 Uncategorized

It is a few days into the New Year already and lots of people are putting up their posts of their New Year Resolutions. The sad thing is most of them are doomed to failure.  As the resolutions tumble, they will feel bad about themselves. Their little inner voice will be telling them how useless […]

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I Know What I Want But is it What I Expect?

September 28, 2017 Thoughts

Your predominant thoughts create your life.  The problem for many people is they think they are thinking about what they want but their not.  Subconsciously they are thinking about all the reasons it isn’t going to happen.  They know what they want but they don’t really expect it to happen. I have one area of […]

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Are Your Thoughts Taking You in the Direction You Want to Go?

September 11, 2017 Uncategorized

After quite a few years of practice I can tell if my thoughts are turning towards the negative.  Definitely not where I want to go.  So I quiet my thoughts, make sure I am present in the here and now and then I think of all the things I am grateful for and have accomplished.  […]

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Want to Change Your Life, Make a Definite Choice

September 3, 2017 Thoughts

I changed my life because I heard a voice say “You are in a prison of your own making”.  My thoughts at the time were incredibly negative.  I thought circumstances ruled my life.  I don’t recall making a proactive choice until I heard the voice.  Then I turned things around.  My first choice was to […]

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What Does Forgiveness Have to Do With Creating Your Perfect Life?

August 22, 2017 Thoughts

You want a perfect life.  You can picture it sometimes.  The big house, swimming pool, an awesome car and lots of money.  The picture doesn’t last long as the endless chatter of your mind breaks through.  The thoughts may be fuelled by anger – “I’ll show the bastards.”  Or the thoughts may be of futility […]

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How Clear is the Picture of Your Life in Your Mind?

August 14, 2017 Thoughts

The other day I saw an advertisement for coaching with a picture of a huge mansion and a pool.  The advertisement suggested they could be mine if I pictured myself living there.  The picture left me cold.  For many people having bigger, better and more expensive is what rocks their world. My picture is more […]

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The Analogy of Life as a Jigsaw – Better than a Box of Chocolates!

July 31, 2017 Thoughts, Uncategorized

Do you relate to the famous line from “Forrest Gump” – Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you will get?  This is a terrible analogy for living life.  It takes away choice, responsibility and certainty.  A better analogy is – “life as a Jigsaw Puzzle”.  The ‘perfect’ jigsaw puzzle is […]

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Don’t Mistake a Positive Mindset with Being Happy

June 5, 2017 Uncategorized

We all know a positive mindset is better than a negative one.  There are so many books and posts about turning negative thoughts into positive ones.  Find the good in situations.  Focus on what you do want.  It is possible to focus on a positive mindset, so you miss the clues of negative thoughts which […]

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Sometimes You Have To Let Go of Thought – Finding Flow

May 18, 2017 Thoughts

When I first began to change my mind I diligently worked on exercises that many self-help books gave.  Doing the work is important to changing your mind.  Sometimes though you have to let go of thought.  Your mind needs time to adjust and sometimes it just needs a rest.  Finding flow in a creative process is a great antidote.  […]

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The Language of Success and Why it Doesn’t Have to be Hard

May 3, 2017 Thoughts

I was watching a short video about success being hard.  I understood the message but it didn’t resonate with me.  The language used in the video could motivate some people, make them feel special because they were willing to do the “hard” stuff.  It was quite clear, only those who are willing to do the […]

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How Re-Framing Your Belief About Time Can Give You More.

November 28, 2016 Thoughts

What is the one thing that you have in common with the most successful people in the world?  Stumped?  We all have the same amount of time, 1440 minutes in a day.  The reason this is important is because many people don’t think they have enough to take on more.  Not enough to read and improve their mind.  […]

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Being Extraordinary – Adding That Bit of Extra to Ordinary

November 24, 2016 Thoughts

Yesterday at the gym our personal instructor was not impressed by the effort our group was putting in to the warm up session.  He gave us a bit of a rouse up and a great bit of inspiration.   Extra-ordinary is putting that bit of extra into the ordinary.  We can warm up at the gym […]

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3 Things You Can Do to Change Your Habit of Thought about Happiness

November 14, 2016 Thoughts

Do you know you can be happy now?  Happiness is a choice that we can make at any time.   From childhood though we are taught that happiness is a by-product of events.  If certain things don’t happen in your life then you can’t or even shouldn’t be happy.  Are you one of the millions of people […]

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Most of Our Thought is a Matter of Habit – Start to Question Your Thoughts

November 10, 2016 Thoughts

This morning I read an article called Black Swans by Andre Dao.  It is about how we make up a story about things.  It has always been that way, therefore it always will be.  This is a habit of thought. Nicholas Taleb wrote, ” For Europeans, millennia of experience confirmed the inference that, given all observed swans […]

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How a Question, A Comment and a Compliment Changed My Day

November 4, 2016 Thoughts

Over the last few weeks my normal routine of life has been thrown out of wack.  Spending time with my mother before she passed away meant a lot less time working on my business.  Learning new things as I stepped up into leadership of my networking group took me out of my comfort zone.  Choosing to […]

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Do You Have a Dream? Your Thoughts Are The Building Blocks

October 24, 2016 Thoughts

Do you dream of doing something different with your life?  Maybe you are stuck in a job you hate, or you are single and want to be in a great relationship.  Maybe life sucks because of continual money worries.  Do you have a dream that includes a great relationship, fulfilling and worthwhile work and extra cash to splash.  […]

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Being Your Thoughts – Are Your Thoughts Supporting Who You Want to Be

October 20, 2016 Thoughts

At Being Your Thoughts we work on the principle that you first Be who you want to be, to do what you want to do, so that you can have what you want to have.   Your thoughts and then your words support the actions that you take.  One of the most important questions you can […]

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This Last Week Proved That I Live What I Teach

October 17, 2016 Thoughts

The last 10 days have been difficult ones.  Watching mum fade away was not easy.  Every now and then you hear about families fighting while at the bedside of a loved one.  I used to wonder how that could be.  Now I understand.  It is a time of heightened emotion, when such things as pragmatism […]

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Forgiveness, It Is Not What You Think It Is.

October 5, 2016 Thoughts

Forgiveness is probably one of the most misunderstood and hated concepts around.  People often don’t want to forgive.  They think that somehow forgiveness means letting the other person off the hook.  If I forgive someone who has done something bad to me than I am saying it was ok for them to do that.   That is not […]

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You May Be Limiting Your Life With Either/Or Thinking?

September 29, 2016 Thoughts

We can all live a rich and fulfilling life.  You may be limiting your life because of your either/or thinking.  I can either have a job and money or I can live my life as an artist and be broke.  I either have to work long hours to keep my job or take a lower pay to spend time with […]

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Why Being Mindful Is Even More Important When Things are Going Well.

September 26, 2016 Thoughts, Uncategorized

I have had a couple of brilliant, beautiful weeks.  New clients signing up, the start of a 6 week course and money in the bank. My youngest daughter is here on holiday and my husbands family visiting. It is fantastic and I am extremely mindful, grateful and appreciative of it all.   There is one drawback to so much goodness. I wasn’t […]

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Being Congruent, Living a Life Consistent With Your Values

September 23, 2016 Thoughts, Uncategorized

  When I first started changing my mind I was severely depressed and life did not seem worth living.  I had to change my mind to survive.  Once I learnt that, I started learning about the joy of living a congruent life.  A congruent life is a life lived consistently with your values.  If family is a […]

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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, How Does My Complaining Tell Me All?

September 15, 2016 Thoughts

Do you see the best or the worst in people?   I used to complain that I didn’t matter to people.  Everyone else was more important than I was.  It was one of the first things I learnt when I changed my thinking.  I was projecting on to others how I felt about myself.  I thought […]

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How To Break Massive Change Down To Incremental Steps

September 12, 2016 Thoughts, Uncategorized

Does the thought of change scare you?  You look at where you are in your present moment and where you would like to be and it scares the hell out of you.  It is instant overwhelm.  How can you do it?  Will it be successful?  What if it fails?  What if it makes you miserable?  So […]

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3 Thoughts about the “Glass Half Full” Mindset

September 8, 2016 Thoughts

Are you a “Glass Half Full” person and what does it mean to you?  I used to be a glass half full kind of person as it seemed like a much better option than being a glass half empty kind of person.  I saw the positive and pleasurable in my life most of the time.  Years ago when I could […]

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Are You Waiting For Happiness? 3 Ways to Be Happy Today

September 5, 2016 Thoughts

Do you ever think, I will be happy when I get a raise or win a promotion.  I will be happy when I meet the man/woman of my dreams or thinking of how happy you will be when finally everything is right. All of these things point to you expecting your happiness to come from […]

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What Is That Iceberg Sitting In The Way Of Your Success?

September 1, 2016 Thoughts

You are the Iceberg.  You can see the top 10% of it and you work hard to make it the best you can.  You work hard, develop great habits, read, improve and strive for success.  You try everything you can possibly think of and yet “success” seems no closer. Some people get to this point and give up.  […]

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There Are Four Different Levels Of Knowing Something

August 29, 2016 Thoughts

I first heard about the Four Levels of Knowing Something from Andy Shaw – author of ‘A Bug Free Mind’. 1st level of Know.   This is common to almost everyone.  They know to be healthy you have to eat right and exercise.  They know it – but they don’t act on it. 2nd level of […]

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Are You Having a Very Average Week?

August 25, 2016 Thoughts

It is a very average week.  I am sitting here with multiple layers of clothing on because it is so cold.  The air-conditioning is broken and the new parts will not arrive till next week. Life isn’t going exactly to plan.  In this situation I could say, “Oh well, I tried, maybe I should quit now and do something else or I can […]

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Are You Spiralling Up or Down in this Moment

August 18, 2016 Thoughts

Many people have heard of above and below the line thinking.  Below the line thinking is often blaming, and is problem focused.  Above the line thinking is taking responsibility and solutions focused thinking.  Most of the time we are sitting on the cusp.  Any given situation can send us either way.  It is our default mode […]

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How a Life Coach Can Help Push Out Your Comfort Zone

August 15, 2016 Thoughts

This morning at the gym I had a choice of working by myself or taking a class with an instructor.  Working  out on my own is not always the best way as it is so easy to stop when I reach the limits of my comfort zone.  Working in a class with an instructor means that my form is […]

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Want To Be A Success? Learn To Fail

August 11, 2016 Thoughts

The people who achieve the most in life are the ones who expect to fail.  Fear of failing holds many people back from being who they want to be and doing what they want to do. Have you ever watched a child learn to walk?  When they first pull themselves up and take those first […]

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Are You Too Scared To Have a Big Dream?

August 8, 2016 Thoughts

Do you have a big dream for your life, or do you have a good reason not to? Too old, too young, not intelligent enough, too lazy, the list goes on.  It is easy to let life decide how your life might be. When you get older and life is not pleasing you can blame the circumstances […]

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Learning To Take Life Lightly

August 4, 2016 Thoughts

I can over think everything.  I can even over think how to have fun.  My idea of fun is not necessarily the same as everyone else.  I learnt ancient Greek and to read French because to me that was fun.  Reading is fun.  Drawing is half fun half serious because I love to do it but […]

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What Is Your Care Factor?

August 1, 2016 Thoughts

Your care factor is about how much responsibility you are willing to take in regards to something.  Most people have a high care factor in regards to their family.  Some people will have a high care factor in relation to money.  Fewer people  have a high care factor in relation to health, spirituality, other relationships, a […]

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Who Are Your Role Models?

July 28, 2016 Thoughts

While reading the 10 Attributes of Self-Made Billionaires today I realised I found the article interesting but that I don’t have any billionaires as role models.  My role models reflect who I am or who I would like to be. My first role model is a beautiful 88 years young retired Salvation Army Officer.  Although she did […]

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The 5 Best Things I Did For Myself This Week

July 25, 2016 Thoughts

Today is a really good day.  I feel fantastic.  Two weeks ago was a completely different story.  I felt bad.  I had incredibly sore eyes.  I was feeling down, bit depressed and being very hard on myself for some of the circumstances of my life. 1. I knew I had a problem but I just […]

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How Are You Going To Achieve Your Dreams?

July 22, 2016 Thoughts

I have a dream.  Every one, at some point in their lives, has had a dream of doing something great, amazing or different.   Only 25% of people will achieve their dream or at least a good portion of it.   75% of people will give up on their dreams.  They stay stuck.  They make up a story […]

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The Art Of Self-Sabotage

July 18, 2016 Thoughts

Like drawing a picture or writing a book, there is a lot of creativity in the way we self-sabotage.  It is an art unto itself. None of us set out to create a life that is unsuccessful, anxiety ridden, less than in almost every possible way.  It is also true that not every person self-sabotages. […]

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Being Okay With Who You Are On Your Worst Day

July 14, 2016 Thoughts

Today I felt like giving up.  Not in the sense of giving up on living but giving up on living life on my terms.  I was feeling like a failure.  I have paying customers but not enough to support me.  My husband needs my support and I feel so conflicted between being there for him and […]

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Is That Passion Really Yours? Why We Live Other People’s Passions

July 11, 2016 Thoughts

Do you dream of writing books, painting pictures, taking amazing photographs, writing awesome music, playing in a band, designing fabulous clothes or using some other amazing creative talent? Do you have a passion for creative pursuits. You would love to live your life giving yourself totally to creating that which is inside you but you […]

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Do You Believe In Yourself Enough?

July 7, 2016 Thoughts

One of the sad side-effects of being told that you are not enough, of being bullied and of being in an emotionally abusive relationship is that you have a subconscious story that says, “other people know more than you do and that their way is better.”   This means that you have to take the time to question whether […]

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Want a Better Life? Learn to Make Conscious Decisions

July 4, 2016 Uncategorized

Learning to make conscious decisions about every part of life is to take full responsibility for every part of life.  To say that you cannot do something because it is out of your control, is to give control of your decision making ability to some-one else.  It takes away your freedom to choose what is […]

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How to Succeed When All Your Early Life You Heard You Never Would

June 30, 2016 Uncategorized

Did you hear from your parents and those around you like teachers, relatives and peers that you were great.  You would always succeed and probably be a millionaire because everything you needed to succeed was right in-side you.  Did you hear wonderful things or did you hear that you were a no-hoper, lazy, a dreamer, […]

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The Kiss Principle of Being Your Thoughts

June 27, 2016 Thoughts

A famous quote by Einstein is, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”  This is my simple explanation behind ‘Being Your Thoughts’. You are what you think.  If you say ‘I am stupid’ you are not just saying that, it has originated from a thought in your mind.  For you to […]

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My Most Damaging Limiting Belief Finally Reveals Itself.

June 23, 2016 Uncategorized

Every book, article and blog post I have read in the self-development and business growth arena all talk about the need to get rid of limiting beliefs.  I have implemented so many strategies and done all I could and yet my results were still not great.  The other day I realised that some of our […]

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Learning New Things can be Like Working Out at the Gym

June 20, 2016 Thoughts

Today I started a new gym routine with a personal trainer.  It brought back memories of the very first time I worked out at a gym many moons ago.  Today we concentrated entirely on upper body.  When I first started years ago that is also how we worked.  Upper body one day, core and legs […]

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Plan a Holiday From Your Usual Busy Day!

June 16, 2016 Thoughts

Yesterday and today I was only doing important tasks with the plan to have a holiday from busyness and to do pleasurable things for myself.  I had a short to-do list and got through them very quickly as I was looking forward to the time away from my computer.  It was fascinating how fast and […]

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Every Day in Every Way Things are Getting Better and Better.

June 13, 2016 Thoughts

I have been on a personal growth trip for almost 8 years now.  For some of that time I just wanted to arrive!!  It takes energy to keep going, to challenge yourself, to not stay stuck in comfort zones and to make your life better.  The trip has definitely been a spiral.  I may revisit […]

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What Is An Extraordinary Life?

June 9, 2016 Thoughts

Last night at my Wednesday Workshop I asked the question – “What makes an Extraordinary life?” and there were very few answers.  I then asked what were some beliefs around people who lived an extraordinary life and one of the answers was; that people who lived extraordinary lives didn’t care about others.  Many people see […]

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Being Authentic

June 6, 2016 Introverts

I have been watching a lot of marketing video’s and reading blogs about building a coaching business.  They have all been informative and have given me many tips that can improve my business as I implement them.  One of the things that really came across is about being ‘authentic’.  I am not a bells and whistles […]

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What Is Possible?

June 1, 2016 Thoughts

The limits of what is possible is not dependant on the government, your job, your place in life or your family.  The limits of what is possible comes down to your mindset.  As Henry Ford said ” If you think you can or you think you can’t, your right.” I have identified three areas where […]

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Never Too Late To Start Succeeding Despite a Hopeless Start In Life

May 27, 2016 Uncategorized

It is an unfortunate truth that often the people who need the most help to get over a bad start in life are the ones least likely to pay for it.  This ‘economic’ truth has stopped me serving those people who I am most able to help.  I had a bad start in life and […]

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Learn, Practice, Model

May 20, 2016 Thoughts

I have had an awesome week of learning this week, as well as being able to practice, model and learn some more.  After having a few months away from doing group workshops this week I got back in to it and I realise that it is one of my passions.  I came away from my Wednesday […]

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Focus! You Might Be Surprised What You Are Focusing On

May 17, 2016 Thoughts

I was thinking a lot about Focus today as I practised a talk I am giving tomorrow.  Part of the talk is about Focus and it is a common subject of any growth business, whether business or personal.  A quote that is often used is “you get what you focus on.”   This is something I […]

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Confusion Can Be Your Friend

May 12, 2016 Thoughts

Today I woke up feeling confused.  Life is going well, I have been having breakthroughs and progress in my business and yet I sometimes wonder if I am really heading in the direction I want to go.  This confusion at first seems like a bad thing.  It makes you question the actions you think you […]

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3 Musts for An Introvert to Succeed

May 9, 2016 Introverts

I am an introvert.  It creates its own challenges for succeeding as a small business owner and in life.  The trick is not to become what you are not but to embrace who you are and to work to your strengths while improving weaknesses. Must Have 1:   A very clear idea about what being an […]

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Is Fear Running our Country?

May 6, 2016 Thoughts

Over the last couple of days there has been a lot about the budget on the news and in commentary.  Most of the headlines talk about the winners and the losers.  Some of them talk about class warfare.  The one thing that I have taken from this budget is that both sides pander to the […]

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What Is Your Relationship With Money?

May 2, 2016 Thoughts

Yesterday I made a new discovery about my relationship with money.  I was not allowing it to be, to be a reflection of my overall mindset about wealth and abundance.  Money is energy.  The flow of it into and out of our lives is a reflection of the energy that we are giving out.  I realised that I […]

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Why Do You Need Coaching?

April 29, 2016 Thoughts

Why do you need coaching?  You have one life-time to be your own unique self. To live life to the fullest, to experience all the abundance that there is whether emotionally, financially or physically.If your life is not currently the best that it can be then being coached can set you on the right track […]

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Do Not Discount the Little Things!

April 21, 2016 Thoughts

Do you ever discount the little things in your life?  The small steps towards a goal, the small mindset shift that has shifted the trajectory of your life?  Have you discounted your first lesson in something new, because you are so far from being an expert in it.  Small things over time add up.  Starting […]

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Einstein Played the Violin

April 14, 2016 Thoughts

When I think of Einstein I think of the scruffy man who changed the world with his theories.  It would be easy to think of him as spending all of his time working on mathematical formula and studying and writing about physics and postulating theories and verifying them.  The idea that so important a genius […]

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Being You In Your View of the World

April 11, 2016 Thoughts

I realised today that I was having a crisis of being.  I was getting quite mixed up on who I thought I should be versus who I want to be, all mixed up with who I used to be, and who I am right now. I am an introvert who can quite happily spend many hours […]

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The Merry-Go-Round

April 7, 2016 Thoughts

When I was a child I loved the Merry-Go-Round.  I loved spinning at high speed, often hanging out over the edge.  It was my favourite ride as being  somewhat afraid of heights, I didn’t like swings that much, or slippery dips.  Merry-go-rounds were flat, you stayed a constant distance from the earth, you just got to spin […]

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Do You Want To Be Happy? Think About It!

April 4, 2016 Emotions and Thought

The ultimate goal of almost everything we want in life is about being happy.  Having more money, a fulfilling career, a great relationship, time to travel, having the resources to pursue extreme sports or loved hobbies is all about how we want to feel.  We are encouraged right through school to pursue external things as […]

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What Does Change Feel Like?

March 31, 2016 Thoughts

This morning I woke up feeling blah!  Sitting at my computer I wondered how I could write my blog post or write another couple of thousand words of my new book.  It felt like there was this churning in my stomach that had nothing to do with a tummy bug and everything to do with […]

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Accepting Others

March 28, 2016 Thoughts

A recurring theme for me over the last week or so has been about accepting others.  When you express a dislike for a person, show a rude or offensive manner, or treat people with little or no respect you are not really saying something about the other person but about yourself.   One of the cornerstones […]

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Asking for Help?

March 24, 2016 Uncategorized

When I had the ‘thought’ that I was in a prison of my own making and that I had to change my mind to change my life I turned to books for answers.  For the next few years I read and did exercises and implemented the changes that turned my life around.  My first moment […]

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One Small Step

March 21, 2016 Uncategorized

Many people have heard the saying “A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step”.  I agree whole-heartedly with the saying.  The thing that many find difficult is the next step and the next step, and to keep going until the journey is complete.  Sometimes the end may seem an unreachable goal but […]

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Value, Worth and Wealth

March 17, 2016 Random Thoughts

I dream of a nicer, kinder, happier world.  I am an idealist.  Sometimes I find it hard to keep faith with my dream, to keep faith with my ideals and to live comfortably within the small  business world.  There are many fine examples of businesses that value their staff and their customers, that see the value […]

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March 14, 2016 Thoughts

Being your thoughts is a moment to moment thing.  It is present tense.  I am being happy, I am being successful, I am being a grump or I am being stressed. We do not often think of the word BEING as part of our language.  We say I am stressed, or I am sick or I am […]

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The 3 Foundations of Good Self Worth

March 10, 2016 Thoughts

Self-worth is an interesting concept.  It is really asking the question, “Do I matter?”   Obviously as the word ‘self’ implies it means do I matter to myself.  Then there is our sense of worth within the wider concept of family, relationships, community and the world.  For many people the question is answered in what they […]

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Self-Worth and Wealth

March 7, 2016 Thoughts

Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?  Which comes first, great self-worth or great wealth? Today for the first time I am sure I will make good money, live the life of my dreams and have joy in my life.  It has gone from being a dream to an absolute knowing.  How do I know? Because things […]

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Conscious Choice

March 3, 2016 Thoughts

Our choices of today determine our tomorrows.  Sometimes we are aware that we are making conscious choices and yet often we are making the same choice as yesterday and the day before because our mind likes us to use the most energy efficient way of doing things.  For the mind the most energy efficient way […]

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Today Is The Best Day To Start New

February 29, 2016 Thoughts

This might have been better tomorrow, a new day, a new month, a new season and yet today is perfect.  It is a Monday which I love, and it is the 29th February so not an ordinary day as it only comes about once every four years.  Every day is perfect in it’s own right.  Today […]

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Do You Love Mondays?

February 1, 2016 Thoughts

This morning I dropped my teenage grandson at the bus stop.  I asked him if he was happy to be going to school, an ok kind of yes, then I asked him if he liked Mondays, and he answered NO!  he hates Mondays. I love Mondays.  Even when I was in full-time paid employment I […]

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Responsible, responsibility?

January 28, 2016 Thoughts

I had one of those lovely ‘ah ha’ moments today.  In trying to figure out why I was finding it so hard to get back into a routine and to actually do some work I realised that I was using my responsibilities as an excuse.  I was not taking responsibility for my actions, or non-actions […]

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Your Definition of Hell Could Be Your Greatest Possibility

January 20, 2016 Thoughts

A while back my friends and family did the Myers-Briggs 16 Personality Types on Facebook.  The one on Facebook is fairly basic, but you can do a more detailed questionnaire.  Also circulating and a bit of fun is the description of a person’s definition of hell for each personality type. I fluctuate between being an INTP and INFP.  This gives me two hell scenarios. […]

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Now Is a Good Time

January 15, 2016 Thoughts

I didn’t work out any New Year’s Resolutions on January 1st.  It is now half-way through the month and I have finally started working out my big goals for 2016, and my goals for the next 90 days and smaller goals for the next few weeks.  The timing is not the important thing, it is […]

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Why Do We Fear Change – It Is As Easy As One Year to the Next

December 31, 2015 Thoughts

New Year’s Eve – a time of change, usually a time of when we reflect on what has happened in the past 12 months and we look forward to the start of a New Year and all the things we will do to make the next year better.  Have you ever heard anyone telling you […]

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Wow – What a Ride!

December 28, 2015 Thoughts

I would like to thank everyone reads my blog posts.  Over the two years of writing my readership has grown and seeing that people are still coming to read what I write is a great encouragement.  I love to write, to share and hopefully to give value to all who come to these pages. I haven’t […]

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Appreciating You!

December 10, 2015 Thoughts

Over the last couple of weeks I have been aware of all the things I am very grateful for and in focusing on them, bringing them to conscious awareness I have come to appreciate the small details.  Becoming so focused on one topic, to have it in such awareness leads to new knowledge, new insights […]

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Taking Better Care of the Things We Are Grateful For

December 7, 2015 Thoughts

We can become so accustomed to having wonderful things in our lives that we can start to take them for granted. It is how our brains naturally work, when things become good and easy, they get put onto auto pilot.  What that means for us though when we are looking to move to a whole […]

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Today I am Happy and Grateful For……………….

December 3, 2015 Thoughts

How easy is it for you to fill in the missing bits?  Our ability to be happy and grateful now for what is good in our life, even if it is not perfect, makes all the difference to how we approach life.  The more things we find to be happy and grateful about now, the […]

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Success; Easy and Upbeat or a Hard Slog.

November 30, 2015 Thoughts

I was reading an article about 40 millionaires who made their first million before they were 20.  The one thing that stood out for me was that they initially started doing something that they loved to do, they did it in their spare time  (most of them were still at school),  and they didn’t start […]

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Allowing Change the Easy Way

November 23, 2015 Thoughts

This morning I was reflecting on the changes that have occurred in my life over the last few years.  I am a different person this morning to who I was 6 years ago in almost every way.  It started with changing my mind.  I was in a prison of my own making with the thoughts […]

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Know What Is Right For You!

November 21, 2015 Thoughts

I have been getting lots of advice lately, and a lot of opinions on what I should or should not be doing with my time, money, where I live or should live, what I can and can’t afford, basically every part of my life.  Some of it is great advice and some of it is […]

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Finding Peace in a Violent World

November 16, 2015 Thoughts

Today I found within me a new found and deeper respect for Nelson Mandela and Ghandi.  Their ability to remain true to themselves and their values when others were calling for revenge, violence and exclusion is what I am modelling.  The way to peace is not found in retaliation.  It is not that I condone […]

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Are You Worthy?

November 12, 2015 Thoughts

Yesterday I went to the movies, which is not an unusual thing for a lot of people, the evening shows are often full, after the working day is done.  I went at 10.30am in the morning.  It is not that I am unemployed, or retired, or a new mum, it is because I choose when and […]

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3 Ways to Challenge a Limiting Belief.

November 9, 2015 Thoughts

Our limiting beliefs often start in childhood.  They may have been a constant companion for decades and they do not always go away the instant we become aware of them.  Our limiting beliefs have certain fears attached to them, and for someone wanting to succeed in business the most common fear is “not being enough”.  […]

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How to Feel Great Even When Circumstances Aren’t.

November 5, 2015 Thoughts

It has been one of those rough weeks.  Plans and intentions go out the window as you be there for others.  The weather matches your mood, grey, overcast and sometimes cold.  The negativity of those around you becomes more noticeable and more intense.  The kind of week you are glad only comes about once every […]

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The Tricky Problem for Introverts Building a Business

November 2, 2015 Thoughts

I live by the Golden Rule. It makes sense to me on all levels. Treat others the way you want to be treated. There is a problem for me, and it is because I am an introvert.  Introverts like to be left alone to get on with things.  I tend to self-pace myself on learning, and prefer […]

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The Rhythms of Our Lives

October 29, 2015 Thoughts

Yesterday I had a slow day, a day where my highest achievement was managing to get showered and dressed.  There was a small part of me that was nagging in the background suggesting that I was doomed to failure because I wasn’t actively doing anything to build my business.  I ignored it.  This morning I […]

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Allowing Apathy

October 26, 2015 Thoughts

A few years ago I was at a very low point in my life.  It was when I was at that point that I made the decision to change.  Life has certainly changed in a big way for me since then, and it is knowing that it is possible, knowing that how we think can […]

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The Cure for Mondayitis

October 22, 2015 Thoughts

Have you ever woken up with a sense of happiness and anticipation?  Maybe it is the first day of your holidays and you are about to set off on an adventure.  Or you wake up and realise it is cold and wet and you are free to snuggle back under the covers.  Maybe it is […]

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What’s Your Why?

October 19, 2015 Thoughts

Have you ever had one of those moments in life that seemed so perfect and you were so happy that you wished the same feeling for everyone else around you?  I have had a few of those moments in the last few years, like receiving a standing ovation after my first speech at Toastmasters, getting […]

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3 Ways To Slow Down Time

October 15, 2015 Thoughts

The other day I mentioned to a group of people that there where about 70 days to Christmas, which was met by almost universal angst.  For all of them it was too soon, time was moving too fast.  The days were slipping away.  Time moving fast, or just disappearing is a sign that most days you […]

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Conceive, Believe, Achieve

October 12, 2015 Thoughts

There is a famous quote by Napoleon Hill, writer of the book “Think and Grow Rich” which states:  “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve.   Today I am going to break that quote down to why some think it’s a load of bull and others swear by it.   We are all living […]

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Balance – What is that?

October 8, 2015 Thoughts

We often hear about the need for balance in life to help control things like stress, a balanced approach to dieting so we don’t yo-yo, a balance between cardio and strength in exercise.  We use the word balance a lot;  Do we really know what it means and how we can achieve it?  A dictionary […]

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The Benefits of Being Crazy

October 5, 2015 Thoughts

At this point in time we see extreme crazy people changing the world in a way that we do not want.  They take their extremist views and use violence or discrimination to destroy rather than build. Yet many sit back and let apathy or safety or the government be responsible for fixing the problem.   There is […]

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Have You Ever Wondered If a Long Journey is Going To End?

September 30, 2015 Thoughts

There is a famous quote by Lao Tzu that goes “A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.”  For any change to occur to get us from where we are now to where we want to be, we need to take that first step.  Once that decision is made the next few steps […]

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World Peace and You

September 28, 2015 Thoughts

Over the last few days I have been thinking about this a lot, it is a time when we are seeing as many refugees as during the 2nd world war.  The problem is huge, and because it is so big the individual is likely to say,  yes it is a problem but what can I […]

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Just Another Label

September 23, 2015 Thoughts

Today I did a quick DISC profile of myself.  It was as I expected very inconclusive as don’t fit moulds very well;  I was completely balanced in 3 areas.  Using different profiling techniques has become widely used in many industries to gain a better perspective of people and teams but I think it has some serious […]

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3 Signs that you are Surviving, Not Living.

September 21, 2015 Thoughts

Do you do what you do to survive or do you do what you do as part of living?  Many people think they are living life, even if they don’t like the life they have,  but they make their choices bases on fear, or the need to survive.  Survive what? 1.  The need for approval from others. […]

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Count Your Blessings To Find What You Look For

September 17, 2015 Thoughts

On Monday I wrote a post about pearls of wisdom in popular culture and this morning I was thinking about Gratitude and the place it plays in my life when I was reminded of the line from Adele “Count Your Blessing To Find What You Look For” and I realised that it was the perfect line […]

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Pearls of Wisdom in Popular Culture

September 14, 2015 Thoughts

We all love a good movie.  Different genres appeal to different people so not all movies suit everyone’s taste and yet in every movie genre there are often pearls of wisdom that we can learn from. I personally love the movie Frozen.  I love it because it is such a clear message about the danger of […]

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Being or Doing?

September 10, 2015 Thoughts

Have you ever felt that you were just going through the motions with stuff?  It was expected of you, or you thought it was what you had to do to succeed in whatever task or job you are engaged in?  When you are going through the motions, are you engaged, fulfilled and passionate about the […]

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Cycles of Change

September 2, 2015 Thoughts

After writing my last post I was doing a lot of thinking about where I was 7 years ago, and where I am now and I realised that our lives do go in spirals.  You can be spiralling up, or you can be spiralling down, but it is all a spiral.  Growth or loss is […]

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Why Mindset Matters

August 27, 2015 Thoughts

  After completely changing my life from sick, unemployed, desperate and I thought unlovable to the person I am today, healthy, living the life almost of my dreams (it is still a work in progress), married and with great relationships with my family and friends I thought it was a no-brainer that everyone would want […]

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Our Expectations

August 22, 2015 Thoughts

Expectations are a funny thing, we all have them, and yet letting go of expectations is one of the fastest routes to true happiness.  I am aware of my own expectations, which are usually self-directed and an expectation of myself that I “should” be doing better than I am.  Should is an awful word.  It […]

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Getting Profound Change One Small Action at a Time

August 17, 2015 Thoughts

I hurt my shoulder by doing massive action.  I washed the walls of a room ready for painting in one day.  An hour or two over a period of a week would have been much better for my shoulder.  Now many weeks later I am having to do small incremental steps to get my shoulder and arm […]

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Show me the money!

August 6, 2015 Thoughts

We create our world by the thoughts we focus on the most.  We may think that we are focused on such things as a happy healthy family life, great success in our work or career, an exciting and fulfilling life or a rich abundance of material wealth.  What we are often thinking of though is […]

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Subconscious “What Ifs” that May be Holding You Back From a Great Life

July 30, 2015 Thoughts

You think you are doing well on a conscious level.  Your life is ok. There are a few wins, a few good times and your relationships are ok.  You think it is normal to be having this ok life and yet it doesn’t seem right. You find yourself feeling envious of people doing better than the average or plain feeling frustrated that life seems to […]

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Good, Better, Best – Working Out Your Best when Things are Already Good.

July 6, 2015 Thoughts

While enjoying a break away from southern cold in sunny Queensland I realised a few things. The heat  helped me come alive.  I know I prefer heat to cold but I had not realised how much I had slowed down, how the cold had made me hibernate.  In an attempt to remain warm my life had become unbalanced as the warmest […]

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Being True to Your Own Unique Thoughts in the Marketplace

June 18, 2015 Thoughts

One of the challenges of being a self-employed person is that you have to learn to market.  Because if nobody knows you exist you don’t have a market.  There are all sorts of market tricks, tips and traps to avoid, and a lot of great advice.  It is a great idea to read it all.  Exploring it all gets […]

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How to Create Your Own Beautiful Mind

June 14, 2015 Thoughts

I love watching the movie ‘A Beautiful Mind’.  Every time I do, something else is highlighted in the story for me.  Last time I watched I noticed how he dealt with the illusions.  Not wanting to be zombie like from medication he made the very conscious choice to ignore the illusions. He did that so he could get on with a life […]

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When I win Lotto – You are Stating a Belief About Yourself.

June 11, 2015 Thoughts

How many people do you know who use this statement?  I will do this, or have that, when I win lotto.  This statement says a lot about people.  They don’t believe they will ever have what they really want.  They don’t believe that the ability to make the money is in their control.  The belief is they have […]

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The Importance of Hearing “I Am Proud of You”

June 9, 2015 Thoughts

Note – this blog post was originally written in June 2015 not long after my father’s death. For the last two weeks I have been, as my lovely husband described it, – like a zombie. It has been many years since I have been zombie like and I thought that I would not go back to that […]

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Empathy and the Golden Rule

June 1, 2015 Thoughts

The golden rule is “Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You”.  It is watered down to being polite and not breaking social conventions.  The need to have water-tight contracts and the prevalence of law-suits suggest the golden rule is not highly thought of these days.  Rarely is it considered from the viewpoint of empathy first. The Golden […]

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Life is Great, Have an Attitude of Gratitude Always

May 26, 2015 Thoughts

Today I am on top of the world.  I can see my intentions coming to fruition. I can see all the different threads of my desires approaching the outcome that I have had firmly in my mind.  Every day I thank the universe, source, God/Goddess, even thin air if that is your thing, because I […]

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The Importance of Being Clear On What You Want

May 22, 2015 Thoughts

If you were to ask all your friends what they want, most of them would say “Be Happy”.  Yet they have no idea either what happiness actually means to them. Or what they could do to be happy.  Happiness is a choice  we can make every day.  It is a state of being.  There is nothing we can […]

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Happiness is Stretching a Comfort Zone

May 17, 2015 Thoughts

Today I feel brilliant.  It is only 8.06am in the morning and already I feel like I have accomplished a full day of work.  Why do I feel this way?   Today I stretched a comfort zone. Why We Have Comfort Zones It is very easy to do things that keep you comfortable.  You don’t push yourself […]

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Our Thoughts Are Our Choice

May 14, 2015 Thoughts

You sit slumped in a chair thinking that life sucks and it will never get better?  You  are tired, listless and the more you think how bad you feel the worse it gets.  Seven years ago those thoughts were my predominant thought and I didn’t think I had a choice about them. I was fortunate.  Because a voice said I […]

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Are You Living Life or are You Asleep at the Wheel?/Being Your Thoughts

May 9, 2015 Thoughts

Einstein is quoted as saying that “If you cannot explain what you know to an eight year old, then you do not understand it.” How many of us explain the life we are living, the stress we have, the illnesses we endure, the reason why we work in a job we hate as “Just the […]

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What It Means to Be Your Thoughts/Being Your Thoughts

May 7, 2015 Thoughts

Would you like to present yourself in the world in a particular way of being?   Do you want to BE compassionate?  Do you want to BE healthy?  How about wealthy and Abundant? To BE these things your thoughts have to match up with who you want to be.  A healthy person does not concentrate on how they are not […]

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Being Your Thoughts Would Not Exist Without Help – Thank You

May 6, 2015 Thoughts

Post originally written May 6, 2015 Today it really hit me.  Now every day I will be living my thoughts in a whole new way. On Monday I started full-time as CEO of Being Your Thoughts.  I have reached this place through living the power of being my thoughts. Yet now, more than ever, my thoughts […]

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Thoughts can Produce Flowers or Weeds. What Will You Create?

March 7, 2015 Thoughts

Your thoughts can be like flowers or weeds.  It is possible to create a beautiful garden with your thoughts, or a weed filled, useless wilderness.   You can also produce a totally utilitarian garden of little beauty but of great practical use. Or one of  intrinsic value, of pure beauty, that the world needs to lighten […]

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New Year, New You

January 10, 2015 Thoughts

Hi All   It has been a while since I have put up a new post which is not a great idea for a blog, yet for all those people who still come in and have a look and a read I say a big Thank You. The last few months have been extraordinary as […]

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Thoughts and Contribution

November 15, 2014 Thoughts

Hi All, It has been a while since I put up a new post as I am busy doing a Cert IV in Life Coaching. Time to expand this blog out into the world a bit. I am currently working on an on-line course for women in the area of self-esteem. More news to come […]

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Thoughts, Truth and Reality

October 16, 2014 Thoughts

Have you ever wondered why people have such different views to yours about what you may be experiencing?  An unemployed persons view of the world, and therefore their beliefs about what is true and real in the world, is vastly different to someone making millions.   Truth and Reality can be entirely subjective, depending on our sub-conscious […]

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Extremists, Apathy and Fear

October 9, 2014 Thoughts

a year ago I saw a lot of evidence for hope, lots of inspirational material was regularly posted on social media, and people generally seemed much more optimistic.   How quickly the pendulum swings.  Between the concerns about a budget that creates huge divisions between the haves and haves not, and so much media coverage on the […]

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How Your Thoughts Affect the Country You Live In

October 4, 2014 Thoughts

Never underestimate the power of the collective unconscious.  I have seen Australia slide from a healthy, inclusive, place to one gripped with fear and bigotry.  We were originally immigrants ourselves.  In the past we needed large levels of immigration to keep Australia a healthy viable country.  We adopted  the bits of culture that we approved of, and […]

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My Number OneTip for Making Money Successfully

September 21, 2014 Thoughts

Money makes the world go round, it is an unavoidable resource that we all require in this day and age.  It is right up there with the need for clean water and air to breathe.  How much money we Need is a debatable point.  Whether money made for the sake of it, is a recipe […]

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My Thoughts are Manifesting Quicker

September 17, 2014 Thoughts

The last few months of preparation and planning came to fruition beautifully on the weekend.  My wedding to my beautiful partner Paul was a delight.  The weather behaved itself too.  Occasional showers were forecast but none appeared.  To coincide with the wedding my first book “Life is not Always Easy but It Can Be Exhilarating”  […]

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Living In An Abundant Universe

September 11, 2014 Thoughts

Einstein once said that the most important decision we would ever make is whether we believe the universe is benevolent.  The opposite of benevolent is malevolent.  I know a lot of people who would say that they don’t believe the universe is benevolent or abundant.  They see it as completely neutral, because they also don’t […]

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Thoughts Manifesting in Reality

September 7, 2014 Thoughts

This is an exciting week.  My thoughts are starting to manifest in a big way into my reality.  When I first started reading about how our thoughts and intentions create our reality, I was sceptical.  I kept reading though, kept an open mind and put into practice many of the ideas.  This week is the […]

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The 3 Most Important Things About Sub-Conscious Thought

August 27, 2014 Thoughts

Your sub-conscious thoughts drive your life.  You may wish to argue that point, believing that your conscious thoughts drive your life. You will point to plans made, goals set, action arising from conscious thoughts.  Your sub-conscious thoughts though will ultimately decide whether conscious thought and action is successful or not.  This is because there are three very important aspects you […]

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5 Things to Do to Stop Going into Overwhelm When Life Gets Busy

August 4, 2014 Thoughts

It is easy to be organised, focused and productive when life is flowing smoothly but sometimes you find yourself in overwhelm. I firmly believe in simplifying life and creating a work life balance.  At the moment  life has become more complicated.  It is not all bad.  I am very happily planning for my wedding in 6 […]

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What Do Your Views On Asylum Seekers Say About Your Values?

July 28, 2014 Random Thoughts

During the rise of Hitler in Germany  people chose to ignore the plight of the Jews because they believed the rhetoric in his campaigns.  They believed the fear campaign.  They wanted to believe that the German people had been badly done by, in the Treaty of Versailles because of the Jews.  Although on the whole a good people they […]

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Are You Growing Into Your Goals, or Are You Forcing Yourself into Them?

July 24, 2014 Thoughts

Are you focused on what You DO want to happen in your life, or to what You Do Not want in your life?  What you focus on, whether consciously or sub-consciously is what manifests in your reality.  Have a clear picture of the direction you want your life to go in. Picture the outcome you desire, and at least some steps towards making it your reality.  Take […]

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Enlightenment and Being Your Thoughts

July 19, 2014 Thoughts

There is a myth that enlightenment is the absence of thought.  Enlightenment is not absence of thoughts but awareness of thoughts while not becoming attached to them. I used to identify totally with my thoughts.  I thought I was shy, broke, hopeless and sick. The more I centred on those thoughts the more of those things I became.  […]

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Do Your Words and Actions Agree With Each Other?

July 15, 2014 Thoughts

Have you ever noticed the dis-connection between your actions and the words you say.  Your conscious thoughts lead to the words you say. You truly believe them, or want to believe them, and yet your actions suggest that your subconscious is the driver.  This dissonance between what you are telling yourself at a conscious level and what you are doing creates stress. Some Common Actions versus Words Dissonance […]

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Are You Being Realistic or are Your Thoughts Keeping You in Fear?

June 26, 2014 Thoughts

How Your Thoughts are Keeping You in Fear Your thoughts can mask fear because they are focused on the trivial, or on things that you have no control over.  Until you are consciously awake and in control of your thoughts, you are unable to change anything. If you are asking these questions or a variation of them, then fear is keeping your trapped: […]

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Thought and Being as a Process

June 1, 2014 Thoughts

Being Your Thoughts It is a well documented process from ancient Philosophers to modern Content Marketers, first are our thoughts, then our words. Words lead to actions, actions lead to habits and habits to the man or woman.  As Aristotle said, “habits maketh the man.” There is a very clear path between thoughts and who we are. With […]

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Interpretation of Thoughts and Truth

May 12, 2014 Thoughts

I once did a quiz with my daughters on Facebook which was “What TV series Mum are You?”.   My answer had come up as Lorelei Gilmore from Gilmore Girls.  My daughters all thought that was hilarious as they do not think it accurate in any way shape or form.  When I got home I did […]

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Are We Losing Wisdom In the Age of Easy to Find Information?

May 7, 2014 Random Thoughts

Living In the Information Age As my coach in this blogging process “Learn How To Blog” founder Sean Rasmussen says, we live in the information age, and the easiest way to make money is to sell information.  The information is not necessarily what is required.  Information may add to your knowledge, but wisdom is in the practical use […]

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Shy – Is Only a Thought You Have About Yourself. Change Your Thoughts!

May 4, 2014 Thoughts

A few years ago I joined Toastmasters. I wanted to feel comfortable speaking in front of an audience. When people think of Toastmasters they think of long speeches but Toastmasters also do something called Table Topics.  This is a special time at the beginning of each Toastmasters meeting that gives everyone a chance to speak, and it […]

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Three Steps to Changing Your Life from Ho Hum to Hallelujah

April 27, 2014 Thoughts

There are only three steps to changing your life.  And everything that happens starts with your thoughts.  As Henry Ford once said, “If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right”. What you think about, what you feed into your mind and how you interpret situations around you is what makes you the person you are. You may […]

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Being Your Thoughts – Do You Still Dream of an Amazing Life?

April 19, 2014 Thoughts

Marianne Williamson has a famous quote. “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It’s our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves: who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?  Actually, who are you not to be?  […]

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Allowing Others To Be – Letting Go of Needing Others To Be Just Like You.

April 2, 2014 Thoughts

Along with forgiveness and gratitude, there is a way of allowing others to be that reduces stress and disharmony in your life.  Allowing others to be does not mean that you turn a blind eye to harmful behaviour or illegal acts and say that is ok. It means you do not carry the stress of other people’s […]

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Seeing the Results of Your Consistent Thoughts

February 15, 2014 Thoughts

One of the interesting things about becoming more aware of your thoughts, is that you are able to See how well you are doing.  Your thoughts do create your life, so you can see if your consistent thoughts are on what you really do want, or if you still have blockages and habits of thought that are bringing you […]

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Being Authentic. How to Tell if You are Living Another Person’s Opinion.

February 13, 2014 Thoughts

A while back I posted a blog piece entitled “To be or not to be.. a writer.”  It was a very dis-empowering piece of writing.  I had taken on what one man had said about what it took to be a writer.  At the time of taking on another person’s opinion, I struggled to find the energy and the […]

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Three Things to Know about Habits and Thought

January 21, 2014 Thoughts

Our brains are wired to create habits.  Some habits are good, and following them will ultimately lead to success.  A lot of habits are not so good, and they will ultimately keep us stuck in our comfort zones.  It sounds good to be comfortable, but the other description for comfort zone is Stuck in a Rut. We […]

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To Be or Not to Be… a Writer

January 11, 2014 Random Thoughts

I am not a writer. Today I was reading a book called “Crafting the Personal Essay” by Dinty W Moore and in it he wrote some lines about being a writer. “… loving the work of writing itself. If you don’t truly enjoy moving words and sentences around on the page.. or carefully crafting the […]

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Thoughts – Rollercoaster or Roundabout

January 7, 2014 Thoughts

How quickly can your thoughts get out of control?  Sometimes thoughts are a roundabout, going around in a circle.   Other times they are more like a Rollercoaster,  building in intensity, affecting you more emotionally, both in positive and negative ways, but still going around in a circle. The Roundabout of Thought The roundabout of thought is linked to the past.  Old habits of thinking, and either/or […]

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Do You Tell People That Changing Your Plans Doesn’t Matter?

November 27, 2013 Thoughts

Have you ever been disappointed by someone. Let down by a friend or family member or had to change plans for someone else and your response to it has been, “It doesn’t matter.”   Some things really don’t affect too much, but in the moment it matters. Do You Validate Yourself, or Negate Yourself When you say something doesn’t […]

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My 4 Tips for Having the Life You Want

November 20, 2013 Thoughts

The other day I read a quote that instantly triggered an ‘ah ha’ moment in me.  It is from “As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen. Men do not attract that which they want, but that which they are. This triggered the ‘ah ha’ moment for me as I realised that those things which manifest […]

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Is Your Big Picture Thinking too Small?

October 22, 2013 Random Thoughts

While writing this blog I was aware of the many blogs that are available that share much the same thing. We are what we think.  Our thoughts and our beliefs make a real difference to the outward expression of our lives.  I am also aware that many of the blogs focus on the material benefits of […]

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Thoughts on Passion and Eagerness

October 15, 2013 Emotions and Thought

Passion and Eagerness are not words usually associated with work.   Have you ever noticed in general conversation that most people hate Mondays.  You get the impression that not many people are either passionate or eager to be going to work. Their entire focus is getting through the next 5 days until they can get to the weekend. Even […]

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Your Beliefs, are They Internal and Inclusive or External and Exclusive?

October 13, 2013 Emotions and Thought

This post is about Belief and Knowing.   Everyone has beliefs, but not all beliefs are good for us. Our beliefs are quite often an unconscious frame to all our thoughts. Everything we say or do will only feel comfortable if it is congruent with what our deepest beliefs are.  For this post we will be looking at […]

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How a Positive Attitude is Expressed in Positive Expectations

October 3, 2013 Emotions and Thought

In my last blog I talked about Happiness and how to cultivate happiness within yourself.  People either respond to your happiness in a positive way or you annoy them because you have what they want.  Today’s blog is about Positive Expectation.  This is one of the high frequency emotions that has a large ripple on affect.  Positive […]

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How Being Grateful and Tolerant Improves Your Happiness

September 30, 2013 Emotions and Thought

Why Change Starts With You The one emotion that everyone says they want more of is happiness.  I just want to be happy!!  Many believe that being able to buy the newest, biggest thing to hit the market will provide that happiness.  That feeling usually only lasts a few days at most.  Some believe that finding the perfect […]

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Middle of the Road, Comfortable but Deadly to Your Dreams

September 11, 2013 Emotions and Thought

The middle of the road can be a very comfortable place to be in.  It is the status quo of emotions. The shifts between hope and disappointment in the fairly regular swing of a gentle pendulum. Henry David Thoreau described it thus: “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with […]

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What is a positive thought 2

August 24, 2013 Thoughts

In my last blog I introduced the idea of three levels of positive thought.  In this blog I look at two other areas that are important to our understanding of what a positive thought is. How Do I Feel A  positive thought is any thought that makes me feel a sense of relief.  You may […]

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What is a Positive Thought?

August 22, 2013 Thoughts

The question What is a positive thought? seems to be very straightforward at first glance.  Many books about Positive Thinking and Using Affirmations make it sound simple, only think good thoughts and that is what you will attract into your life.  Say an affirmation every day for a month and you will see radical results.  We […]

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4 Things I Do To Get Past Negative Emotions and Negative Thinking

August 13, 2013 Emotions and Thought

Negative emotions take a lot of energy out of you which can make it hard to break the cycle of – thought – negative emotion – more negative thought.  It takes just a little bit of effort though to start to move up the scale and it is really worth it.  These are four things that I did […]

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Thoughts and Emotions

August 7, 2013 Emotions and Thought

Thoughts and emotions can be very closely linked.  It is a little like the chicken and the egg though, which comes first.  They can be a cycle.  Negative thoughts lead to negative emotions, lead to negative thoughts, which can cause a downward spiral.  Changing the thoughts slightly can cause an upward spiral.  When emotions are […]

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Energy and Thought

August 4, 2013 Thoughts

All of life is energy vibrating at different frequencies.  The more solid an object the slower the frequency.  The most common understanding of this comes with sound and light, sound being slightly slower than light.  Our bodies also vibrate with energy.  The flow of energy is what Eastern medical practises focus on, seeing health problems […]

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Thoughts about “Who are You”

July 31, 2013 Thoughts

On the day you were born,  you were unlimited potential.  The DNA that comprised the blue-print of you,  the spark of life in every cell, these are still true of you today.  So Who are You? What Defines You You can define yourself by what you do, although you are much more than that. You can define yourself by the […]

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Every Great Journey Starts with a Single Step

July 28, 2013 The start of the Journey

Welcome to Being Your Thoughts. Our thoughts create our reality.  Over the years I put that theory to the test over and over again, and I believe it totally.  I didn’t always think and feel this way.  Seven years ago life was just hard, a struggle and I was not meant to have a good life.  A good life was for other […]

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