How To Break Massive Change Down To Incremental Steps

September 12, 2016 Thoughts, Uncategorized

changeDoes the thought of change scare you?  You look at where you are in your present moment and where you would like to be and it scares the hell out of you.  It is instant overwhelm.  How can you do it?  Will it be successful?  What if it fails?  What if it makes you miserable?  So many questions and not enough answers.  Many people decide it is all too much and retreat to the safety of their comfort zone, giving up before they even start .  A few will make massive change and disrupt their old life so much that they have to change and it works out for them.   Some will dip their toe in the water and decide it is not for them.  There is a way to do change that can work for everyone.

Make a massive decision and then take incremental steps.  Quite a few years ago I was at the lowest point of my life; I was in my late 40’s and there had been ups and downs before, yet this was the lowest point.  Life itself seemed meaningless.  I made a massive decision.  I decided to change my mind.  I decided to live in a different way.  The first step was to do one thing differently.

I Can't Do EverythingPart of my problem was that I didn’t know many people.  Apart from a couple of daughters who lived locally and my dad I didn’t know anyone in town and didn’t have any social interaction.  I made a list of things I was interested in and tried out a couple of groups around those interests.  Within a couple of months I had joined Toastmasters and I am still a member today.

My massive decision carried me through trying new things.  I read as much as I could about personal development but I not only read it, I implemented what I read.  If I was reading a book that had exercises in it, I did the exercises.  I tried everything that was suggested and then kept doing the things that resonated with me.  Every few months I was doing something new that broke me out of a previous comfort rut.  The changes were not always miles out of my comfort zone but just enough to stretch me.  Every now and then I made a choice to move further out of my comfort zone.  As I made each move they built on each other and it became easier to take the next step and the next.

Big journeys begin with small steps motivational quoteMy original massive decision did not waiver.  I was committed to making change, to start living a life that gave me meaning and purpose, yet I did it slowly, incrementally, each choice building to the next.  Today my life is radically different.

Make a massive decision and commit 100% and then take small incremental steps towards your intended goal.  Change doesn’t have to be overwhelming and terrifying.  Change is as easy as deciding to do just one thing differently today.

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Love and Light