Want to Change Your Life, Make a Definite Choice

A Definite Choice
September 3, 2017 Thoughts

A Definite ChoiceI changed my life because I heard a voice say “You are in a prison of your own making”.  My thoughts at the time were incredibly negative.  I thought circumstances ruled my life.  I don’t recall making a proactive choice until I heard the voice.  Then I turned things around.  My first choice was to find a group to join so I was not so alone.  First I went to a writers group.  It was horrible.  My self-esteem was so low I knew I wouldn’t be able to share any of my writings.  Second I looked to join a drama group, to work behind the scenes.  I never did find them.  Lastly I joined the local Toastmasters group.  It was an excellent fit.

I would love to say that since then I have continued to make proactive choices.  Some habits are incredibly hard to break.  It is so easy to slip back into doing things, making choices, that are not wholly coming from you.  There is a huge amount of social conditioning which holds us in the habit of thinking that circumstances rule our lives.  And to our logical mind they make so much sense.  Yes you need money to live.  Yes there are a lot of jobs in cities.  All sorts of practical reasoning goes into why you have to let circumstances rule.  None of it is real.

The times I have made a conscious choice to do something in line with my dreams, the results have been amazing.  I wanted horses to be a part of my life so I found a place I could go riding for 1/2 an hour a week.  I obtained Richie a few weeks later when the owner offered him to me, rather than him go to a knackery.

Staying conscious to your choices is probably one of the hardest things you will ever do in life.  My greatest failing is wanting to sit on the fence.  To make a half-hearted choice.  Yes I would like to make this or that choice, but!!!!

Making a definite choices is to make a choice and to KNOW it is right.  It does not allow room for fence sitting.  You do not listen to advice from other unconscious stuck people.  You choose to believe regardless of current circumstances.

Believe in your choice

Making a definite choice to Be yourself,  Do what you are passionate about and to know you will Have everything you desire is not the easiest path.  It takes day by day and moment by moment conscious choice.  Unlearning quite a lot of social conditioning.  Getting off the fence and making the choice.  Only then can life change enough to allow in all the success, health, wealth, peace and joy you hope is out there.

Love and Light