How Clear is the Picture of Your Life in Your Mind?

August 14, 2017 Thoughts

FarmThe other day I saw an advertisement for coaching with a picture of a huge mansion and a pool.  The advertisement suggested they could be mine if I pictured myself living there.  The picture left me cold.  For many people having bigger, better and more expensive is what rocks their world. My picture is more serene.  It includes a modest house set amongst acres of land, with a large studio space.  There are vegetable gardens, a chook house and goats and horses out in the paddocks.  I can picture it perfectly.  What is harder to picture is how I make money to finance the dream.

How We Are Conditioned to Work

Without a clear picture of the whole of life, it is easy to end up doing things that give no joy and ultimately lead you away from your true desires.  I worked in jobs to make ends meet because at the time I thought I had no choice.  I ended up working for 11 years in a highly stressful job that led to depression because of young children to support and rent to pay.  Somehow, working in a job I hated didn’t lead towards my dreams due to the extra money  spent on trying to escape my feelings.  Also, the time and energy spent in work robbed me of the energy to pursue any of the activities that made me feel alive.  I gave up all drawing and painting for those 11 years and more as I pursued income and being realistic.

Were you told from an early age to study hard, get a good job and then your life will be great?   Maybe you were given a range of jobs which may suit your temperament or particular skills to pursue?  We are rarely if ever encouraged to pursue our passions.  My passions are all creative, but I was discouraged from pursuing them because I was told they were not financial.  My other love is teaching, which a bitchy old grandmother killed off as a dream to pursue due to some carefully crafted words.  Her words destroyed my dream because I thought being loved by her was more important than my desire.

Using Imagination as a Child Would

Now many years have passed and I am learning to let go of all the old conditioning.  In many ways it requires you to revert back to childhood.  To picture your life, your desires as a young child would.  To be able to describe how you want to earn the money, which will provide the life you dream of, to the five year old you.   Five year olds don’t understand figures and theory, all work and no play, or boring and mundane.  They understand excitement, exploring, experiences and play.

I am now moving faster towards my dream life, with a lot less money because the picture, the intention and the focus is clear.  Working harder or earning more money will not automatically lead you to your dream life.  They could lead you away from it.  Therefore, the first thing to be clear on, is the picture of your dream life.  When the picture is clear the way to achieve it falls into place.

Soon my course, “Feel Great, Live Great” will be open for enrolment.  It is a step-by-step guide to discovering your true passions and how to live them.  To register for more information on this please leave your name and email below.

Love and Light