Conscious Choice

March 3, 2016 Thoughts

Life is the sum of all your choices inspirational quote on colorful grungy background. Live meaningfully typographic concept. Vector illustration.

Our choices of today determine our tomorrows.  Sometimes we are aware that we are making conscious choices and yet often we are making the same choice as yesterday and the day before because our mind likes us to use the most energy efficient way of doing things.  For the mind the most energy efficient way is to use what is already there.  Some of our choices were good choices and letting them become a habit is not a bad thing at all.  Staying aware of what those choices are though is to continuously be making conscious choice.

I made a choice a while ago that I would write a blog post every Monday and Thursday.  It was a good decision, a good choice and since then I have done that 90% of the time.  When my new web-site was nearing completion I stopped temporarily as I knew that waiting the week or so would be beneficial in the long run.  The timing of when I did the blog post required more flexibility on my part.  I like to write first thing of a morning, and for quite a few months I wrote my blog first thing, and then I noticed that it was becoming an inflexible thought pattern, so it was no longer a conscious choice to be doing it then.

Choose conscious choiceHow did I know it was becoming an unconscious thing?  I would feel annoyed if anything interfered with my ability to do it first thing.  I would be thinking that while it is still cool I can mow the lawn as it really needs doing, and then have the next few hours free and clear to write, knowing I had got the mowing out of the way.  Instantly I felt uncomfortable, the mind going,  no, no, no…  writing first everything else can wait.  I was no longer making a conscious choice to either do it, or when to do it.

Making a schedule, having a plan in place is quite often necessary, especially when we are starting out on a new journey, a new way of doing things and creating a more purposeful life.  The trick is to stay conscious every day to the choices we make so that we do not inadvertently go back to old patterns that make our new way of life part of the rat race once again.

Decide today to do something a little differently, to change your schedule, and see what thoughts and feelings arise.  Become aware of areas where you are no longer making conscious choice.

Love and Light