Count Your Blessings To Find What You Look For

September 17, 2015 Thoughts

On Monday I wrote a post about pearls of wisdom in popular culture and this morning I was thinking about Gratitude and the place it plays in my life when I was reminded of the line from Adele “Count Your Blessing To Find What You Look For” and I realised that it was the perfect line for what I was thinking.

I have kept a gratitude journal for a number of years now and looking back at those I find there are certain trends in it.

1.  I am most grateful for the relationships in my life.  My husband Paul and my four daughters in particular.  They are the bedrock of my life.  Having a great relationship with them is the most important thing to me, it drives many of my decisions.  Giving up full-time payed employment for self-employment was largely driven by a desire firstly to have the freedom to be there for my daughters.

2.  The ability to create, whether in writing, sewing, drawing, cooking and in all other creative ways.  Since starting my Business the creative side has taken a bit of a back seat apart from some writing and I realised there was a need to get more balance back in this area as the ability to create is one of the things I look for.

3.  The most recent is the gratitude I feel for my awesome clients.  I am so grateful to be asked to come into someone’s life to help them create change for themselves.  It is a privilege and a pleasure.

4.  The ability to pay my bills.  I am grateful for the money that comes into my life as it pays the bills.  To have more money coming into my life I realise I need to be grateful for all the benefits that having extra money can bring.  The ability to have choices in life, the ability to experience life to the full.

5.  My number five is an all encompassing gratitude that is bigger than all of them.  The gratitude of life itself.  The gratitude that I am part of the ALL..  I thank God/Goddess, the universal energy that drives all, the sense of connectedness to all of life.  Knowing that I am never alone, and all the guidance, support and love I need is with me at all times, and within me at all times.

What Blessings are the Most Important in Your Life?

Love and Light