The Cure for Mondayitis

How to Cure the Mondayitis/Being Your Thoughts
October 22, 2015 Thoughts

How to Cure the Mondayitis/Being Your ThoughtsHave you ever woken up with a sense of happiness and anticipation?  Maybe it is the first day of your holidays and you are about to set off on an adventure.  Or you wake up and realise it is cold and wet and you are free to snuggle back under the covers.  Maybe it is a Monday and you wake up excited about the new week because every week is an adventure.

Or do you suffer from Mondayitis?  That dense, heavy feeling of here we go again.  Your feet feel like lead as you get up and get ready to head out to work again for another week.  You are remembering the great weekend you just had, and how long it is until Friday.  Your mind is a mess of lists, negative thoughts and frustration because you have to go back to work.  There are so many other wonderful things you could be doing.

There is a cure for Mondayitis.  It is not always easy as our minds are 80% more likely to think of negative responses to a given situation then they are to positive ones.  It is part of our brains safety system, which looks out for things that can harm us, to help keep us safe.  That was great when going to work could mean coming up against a sabre tooth tiger, but it doesn’t help in our modern world.  So how do you cure Mondayitis?

1.  Work out why you are working in the first place.  This is not about paying the bills on a weekly or monthly basis, or because it is expected of you in our society.  This is about looking at what you are building towards. Giving your kids a better education, the chance to travel, having the dream house with all the goodies that you dreamt of as a child. Or because your work helps others in some way, so therefore the contribution you are making to society.

2.  Identify the parts of your job that you are both passionate about and good at.  Sometimes when we get really good at something, the doing of it slips into our unconscious, and it becomes routine and rote.  With a bit of awareness in the present moment we can reconnect with how good it feels to be doing something we love to do and are good at.  Take a trip down memory lane, remembering how bad you were the first time you tried doing it. Remember the steps you took to gain mastery of it.  Recognise your growth and feel really good about it.  Use this as a spur to add value to what you already do. Or as a spur to make you realise that you are good enough to improve, and maybe move on to a new challenging position.

3.  Avoid getting into negative conversations with others about how much Mondays suck.  This is a sure-fire way to spiral down.  Joining in negative conversations about work are more likely to make you feel a bit unwell. To notice all the negatives and none of the positives of your boss or workmates. To make you question your value as part of the workforce.  It can turn a job into a nightmare.

4.  Be grateful for all the things having your job does allow for in your life.  Be grateful for the people you do like in your surroundings. Because you get a pay-check, you are able to earn, buy, save and contribute into society.  Express gratitude for the money to pay your bills, be thankful for the money that allows you to do those extra special things, like eating out, or going away for weekends.  Be grateful for the contribution you make within your work environment. Enjoy the skills and talents you have to perform the job you do.  All this gratitude will help you spiral up, making you much more productive, happier and to make the work load easier.

5.  Prepare to break out of your comfort zone.  If after trying the above 4 things you still find that Mondayitis is a problem then it is definitely time to face your fears. Get out of your comfort zone and realise that life is much more than doing a job you hate. There is something out there that will make you feel alive, passionate, worthwhile.   Regret at the end of life is often about the things we didn’t do, rather than what we did do.  Staying in a job you detest for the sake of a bit of money, or because of fear, is no way to live the life of your dreams.

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