Cycles of Change

September 2, 2015 Thoughts

After writing my last post I was doing a lot of thinking about where I was 7 years ago, and where I am now and I realised that our lives do go in spirals.  You can be spiralling up, or you can be spiralling down, but it is all a spiral.  Growth or loss is rarely a straight line linear thing.  For me now the awareness  of this is key.

spiral-of-lifeThere are some similarities between my situation now and my situation 7 years ago.  Due to leaving full-time employment to work in my Business – Being Your Thoughts –  full time,  cash flow has become a bit of an issue,  I am not un-employed but I am certainly under-employed.  7 years ago I was quite ill due to Aspartame poisoning, at the moment I am nursing an injury to my right shoulder which causes quite a bit of pain sometimes, although it is improving,  and I am still living in my dad’s house, although now paying rent to the developer who bought it as dad has passed away.

That is where the similarities end.  I know I have spiralled up because the differences are as pronounced as the similarities.  7 years ago I was depressed to the point of suicide, angry, miserable, wallowing in self-pity and feeling utterly helpless in the situation.  Today I am aware that opportunity is just around the corner, I have much better relationships and I know I am not alone, my shoulder will recover with careful exercise and dad’s place has become much more my home with the Study made over to suit me. I also wake up happy and excited about what each new day brings and I am very aware that if anything is not to my liking it is within my power to change how I think and feel about it, which usually means I can change the thing itself.

Emotional-Guidance-ScaleIn recognising the similarities I am able to get back to basics, what worked before to bring about change, what new thoughts can I bring to my current situation to keep spiralling upwards; and in recognising the changes I can give myself credit for things done well, I can remember past triumphs which booster my self-confidence and I can choose to make a commitment each and every day to not go backwards but however slowly to keep moving forwards.

Have you ever noticed that life has been a spiral?

Love and Light