Your Definition of Hell Could Be Your Greatest Possibility

January 20, 2016 Thoughts

Your Definition of Hell Could Be Your Greatest PossibilityA while back my friends and family did the Myers-Briggs 16 Personality Types on Facebook.  The one on Facebook is fairly basic, but you can do a more detailed questionnaire.  Also circulating and a bit of fun is the description of a person’s definition of hell for each personality type.

I fluctuate between being an INTP and INFP.  This gives me two hell scenarios.

INFP – Your deepest thoughts and feelings are exposed to a large audience and everyone thinks that you’re pathetic and unoriginal.

INTP – You are eternally condemned to researching an extremely vapid topic using wildly inaccurate methods, mostly involving interviewing people who have no idea what they’re talking about.

Blogging for Being Your Thoughts means I have to face both these “hell” scenarios.  Every time I write a blog post there is the concern it will be pathetic or unoriginal.  There is so much information on the web about how your thinking determines your quality of life, how can I possibly stand out, or be worth the read?  When the fear kicks in I become a master of procrastination.

The 2nd hell scenario comes into affect when talking to people about Life Coaching and  the importance of our thoughts, as many people have a lot of misinformation about it or no concept of it at all.

Facing these fears, these ‘hell’ scenarios is not easy.  On the other side of the fear though is the greatest sense of fulfilment and passion.  I love reading, researching and writing about the huge potential of our minds.  I am passionate about the possibility of creating an amazing life for not only myself but all the people I get to work with.   To do my work well and consistently I have to face my fears and do it anyway.  Facing my ‘hell’ scenario has been the greatest asset to my business.

I can see how “the hell scenario” for my daughters could be their greatest possibility if they incorporated or faced their greatest fear in some form in their life.  It is liberating!

What is your hell scenario, and how could you turn it into your greatest opportunity?

Love and Light