A Different Way of Thinking To Create a Better World.

January 4, 2019 Uncategorized

Different ThinkingWatching or reading the news on a regular basis, you could be forgiven for thinking we are living in a world going down the toilet.  There is a different way of thinking about the world, which will lead to the creation of a better one. How we are in both our personal and community life affects the whole.


You are personally responsible for the quality of your life.  Bad things happen to people all the time. It is how you react and move forward from that which determines your quality of life.  Blame will hold you firmly in the past and will attract more of the same to you.  So determine what you would love to have from and in life.  Work out how you can start to incorporate some of that into your daily life now.


Forgive daily, and let the past remain in the past.  If you insist on holding on to the pain, in a year’s time you will have more pain.  If you forgive and focus on your own happiness, your own personal responsibility to the daily task of living, in a years time you will be well on the way to the life of your dreams.


Be Grateful.  Just as bad things can occur in life, so do many good things.  List the good things which happen, progress made, achievements of the last year and focus on those.  Keeping a focus on the good things helps you to know you can still achieve more.  Be grateful and thank God, the universe, your personal inner Goddess or whatever sense of something higher you have.


Allow others to be and stop judging.  Whenever you feel like judging someone or something, stop and think “what am I mirroring here.”  You make judgements about others based on something you don’t like about yourself.  A great example is those who judge others to be irresponsible.  It is a safe bet that they judge because they would love to have a day of being irresponsible, to kick back and relax. Yet their fear of not being “Good Enough”, of being judged themselves means they cannot let down their image of responsible, hard worker, for one second.  Focus on being the happiest, highest version of yourself and realise others cannot hold you back or stop you from being that unless you allow them to.


In every interaction with other people within your community remember the Golden Rule.  If you mentally step into another persons shoes, you can think “how would I like to be treated in this situation.”  The fragmentation of community along political and social lines is making this practise an imperative.  It is also being honest about what you do have. What is reasonable to expect and asking yourself if you really are being impacted by another person and their beliefs and ideologies.

Religious Freedom

Are religious freedoms really been destroyed by respecting the rights of the LGBTQ community?  I am not a religious person, and yet I grew up in a strict religious household and all my brothers and sisters are still church goers.  They all still have the right to go to church, on as many days of the week as they like.  They can still have bible studies , are free to say “I am a Christian, Jew, Muslim or any other.”  They can even run events to encourage others to join them, so they have not lost religious freedom.  In church run schools, religious classes are allowed.   They never did have the “right” to demand others accept their point of view, or to expect that all of society would behave based on their strict interpretation of their religious rules.  Whichever religion you follow, the concept of FREE WILL is embedded in it.

Social Security

Welfare.  This used to be called Social Security.  It recognised that a community or social structure was stronger and better when all were taken care of.  It also recognised that not everyone had equal opportunity or ability to obtain work, do higher education or have the freedom to devote themselves to making piles of money.  We do not have 100% employment in this country, so there will always be some out of work, not from choice but because there are not enough jobs available.

There are people who have illnesses, disabilities and injuries which mean they need community support to achieve the highest they are capable of.  It may fall short of what you expect for yourself, but that doesn’t make it wrong.  Also, some of what makes a civilisation great, like art, literature and music, means that some people will again need community support to become masters of their craft.  It is not like they can start one day and be earning money the next.  We can all become money earners, wage slaves and lose a great part of what it means to be civilised.

Life is a wonderful adventure.  We are personally responsible for our own happiness.  We are also part of the solution in creating a peaceful, rewarding and loving community for all.  If you want to learn more about how you can take full responsibility for your own life then click on the link

Love and Light