Do Not Discount the Little Things!

April 21, 2016 Thoughts

Do Not Discount the Small ThingsDo you ever discount the little things in your life?  The small steps towards a goal, the small mindset shift that has shifted the trajectory of your life?  Have you discounted your first lesson in something new, because you are so far from being an expert in it.  Small things over time add up.  Starting something new, and not discounting the effort put in today, means that you are much more likely to succeed.  So many people cannot “see” the end result from the beginning so either give up, or worse, never try something new in the first place.

Shares Today I received my first ever dividend on shares; a grand total of $9.45.  My husband laughed, and gave the usual sarcastic comment about ‘much good that will do you’.  To me it is immense.  I only have a thousand or so invested into shares and yet it represents a huge shift in my mindset.  Today it was $9.45 and yet I know over time that it will grow.  It is not about immediate gratification, it is about the mindset that says I am abundant enough to have shares, I am now in control of my money in stead of money being in control of me.  A year ago I had the mindset that I would never have enough to invest.  That was for rich people on huge incomes.  Investing 10% of what you earn so that your money starts working for you instead of you always working for money is a fundamental of wealth, a lesson I have been slow to take heed of, even though I have known about it for a long time.  It felt like a giant step when I took it.  What if I needed that money?  What if I invested it and lost it all?  The answer was easy, if I didn’t invest it, I would probably just spend it on “stuff, and if I lost it, it is the same result as if I had never invested it in the first place.  Taking the risk means that I have a increased my probability of being ‘lucky’ and getting a return on my investment.

It is quite easy to see the value in the dollars.  What about the rest of life?  My husband is still waiting for me to make big money on my business,  and yet he discounts every small step along the way.  Every day that I get up and do a task or two in the direction of my dream is a good day.  I am not giving up, I am increasing my probability of being ‘lucky’ and having a very successful business.

What about the small steps from being an angry, resentful victim of life to someone who is calm, peaceful, a victor of life.  These kind of changes can happen in an instant, yet to be a master of your emotions is small steps every day. Do not discount the small changes you make in controlling your emotions.

What are some of the small things that you discount in your life?  If you acknowledged and rewarded small steps in the direction of your dreams, wouldn’t you be more inspired to keep on to the attainment of it?

Love and Light