Do You Love Mondays?

February 1, 2016 Thoughts

5aa881f69d5eb6492d4e9d774b784b02[1]This morning I dropped my teenage grandson at the bus stop.  I asked him if he was happy to be going to school, an ok kind of yes, then I asked him if he liked Mondays, and he answered NO!  he hates Mondays.

I love Mondays.  Even when I was in full-time paid employment I loved Mondays.  It was always about the positive expectation of a new week.  What new challenges would I face that would either improve my skills or improve me as a person?  It meant I would be getting paid, always a good thing!

What does our attitude to Monday say about who we are as a person, or where we are in life?

I didn’t always like Mondays. There was a time in my life where I faced Monday with dread.  It meant going to a job that didn’t fulfil me, it meant facing new people all the time, having to put on a mask of who I thought I ‘should’ be.  As I didn’t like myself, and I was unsure of who or what I was supposed to be, I didn’t like my job and I was scared most of the time, Mondays were stressful.  It took many years of discovering myself, finding out that I liked the real me, not being afraid to be me and to let the real me shine that took away the dread of Mondays.  Yes I still had to go to work, yet it was done with a whole different attitude.

monday[1]If you face Mondays with a sense of dread, of hating where you have to be, who you have to be, then maybe it is time to ask some questions.  What is it I really want to do?  What is it about Mondays that I hate so much?  What is it about myself that I hate so much on Mondays?  Why do I fear making the changes in my life that would mean every day was a joy and something to welcome?

If you hate Mondays and would like to discover more about yourself and the possibility of making Mondays a day of joy rather than a day of dread you can contact me at Being Your Thoughts on 0418247775 for a FREE consultation.

Love and Light