Do You Want To Be Happy? Think About It!

April 4, 2016 Emotions and Thought

HappyThe ultimate goal of almost everything we want in life is about being happy.  Having more money, a fulfilling career, a great relationship, time to travel, having the resources to pursue extreme sports or loved hobbies is all about how we want to feel.  We are encouraged right through school to pursue external things as the way to happiness.  We are taught that if we study hard, get a good education, have a steady job and be nice people that we will be happy.  When we reach adulthood and we start to wonder when the happiness will start then advertising takes over, buy this car or that brand of perfume to get the happiness you deserve.

Happiness doesn’t come from external things, it comes from what we think about.  Buying the new car doesn’t make us happy, the thoughts we think about the new car make us happy.  Take a moment to think about Christmas Eve.  Many people are happy because tomorrow is Christmas and they are thinking good thoughts in anticipation of what they will get.  I have known many people who were happier on Christmas Eve than they were on Christmas Day because the reality was not as good as the anticipation, and yet the only thing really making them happy on Christmas Eve were there thoughts.

Think HappyTo be truly happy you have to think positive thoughts most of the time.  This may sound simplistic and unrealistic and yet most unhappiness is caused because at some level the majority of people don’t believe they can get what they truly want.  Their thoughts are on what they do not want, or on lack, or on external things, so they are not consciously thinking happy thoughts much at all.  You do reap what you sow, so it is important to consciously choose your thoughts of happiness to reap more thoughts of happiness.  If you are constantly thinking lack thoughts or negative, sad thoughts then you will have more things happen to bring more of those thoughts into your reality.

To start forming a neural network of happiness that will make thinking positive thoughts easier and easier than start a gratitude journal.  Start recording all the things that you are happy and grateful for now.  Build a strong foundation of positive thoughts and make them your focus most of the time.  Happiness is an inside job and as Abraham Lincoln said, “Most people are as happy as they choose to be.”

How happy do you want to be? It is your choice.

Love and Light