Don’t Mistake a Positive Mindset with Being Happy

Don't Mistake a Positive Mindset with Being Happy
June 5, 2017 Uncategorized

We all know a positive mindset is better than a negative one.  There are so many books and posts about turning negative thoughts into positive ones.  Find the good in situations.  Focus on what you do want.  It is possible to focus on a positive mindset, so you miss the clues of negative thoughts which are pointing to the possibility you are not happy.  Sometimes you have to ask yourself, “Am I happy, or am I just putting a positive spin on this situation?”

Barbara Ehenreich, a journalist, believes the Global Financial Crisis was because of too much positive thinking and blind faith.   I don’t think positive thinking was to blame.  It is about what much of the self-help/positive thinking pushes you to.  Be positive so you can be wealthy!.  Happiness does not rely on wealth.  Good health does not rely on wealth.  Great relationships do not rely on wealth.  It is still true “the best things in life are free.”  Are you remaining positive about being successful and wealthy because you think you “should” be?  Or are you secretly yearning to downsize, work less, make just enough to cover costs and have lots of time freedom?  Maybe your happiness lies in the risky business of creative arts?

The desire to remain in a positive state can have a downside.  Negative thoughts and feelings are part of your inner voice.  They point to an area of your life you need to look at.  Maybe you are settling for second or even third best by putting a positive spin on it, or looking for the good.  Our emotions, whether positive or negative need to be acknowledged.  Being aware enough to know when you are truly happy, and to store that information.  Being aware when you are feeling sad, angry and frustrated because they are pointing to an issue or an area of your life which requires a solution, not just more positive thinking.

Love and Light