Einstein Played the Violin

April 14, 2016 Thoughts

Albert EinsteinWhen I think of Einstein I think of the scruffy man who changed the world with his theories.  It would be easy to think of him as spending all of his time working on mathematical formula and studying and writing about physics and postulating theories and verifying them.  The idea that so important a genius must have worked very hard all the time to have had such an impact.  In Einstein’s own words though, his imagination was more important than the maths.

Imagination is more important than knowledge - a quote from AlbeEinstein spent a lot of time sailing, smoking and playing the violin.  He used these times to get out of his own head, to allow his imagination to roam and to calm his mind.  Learning this about him has been incredibly useful for me.  Over the last 12 months I have spent a lot of time learning, about coaching, marketing, finances, bookkeeping, getting leads, time management.  I now have oodles of information in my head and yet it is not necessarily reflected in my results.  It is like I have spent so much time learning everything I could, and striving and pushing my business to be a success that I have shut off the conduit to true inspiration.

Inspirational quote by Albert Einstein on earthy background imagWhen I read about Einstein playing the violin and how he let the music and his imagination meld which led to many of his breakthroughs I realised I needed to take a step back from my business and to engage in a totally creative pursuit, to allow myself, to give permission to myself to access all that I have to offer both in mental faculties and in my imagination to live an inspired life.  I know from experience that I can get into the flow when designing, pattern cutting and making clothes for myself.  The focus on a creative pursuit opens the mind up.  Instead of becoming very closed and insular focusing just on my Coaching Business I allow my awareness to expand, I allow inspiration and imagination to flow, all of which leads to every part of my life improving.  It takes it from striving to allowing.

Do you feel that you are striving to make your life a success all the time?  Would you like to go from striving to allowing?  Would you enjoy a more relaxed, successful and inspired life?

Love and Light