Every Day in Every Way Things are Getting Better and Better.

June 13, 2016 Thoughts

better cycle of life

I have been on a personal growth trip for almost 8 years now.  For some of that time I just wanted to arrive!!  It takes energy to keep going, to challenge yourself, to not stay stuck in comfort zones and to make your life better.  The trip has definitely been a spiral.  I may revisit certain things but at a whole new level.  Of the six areas that people may measure in a work/life balance:

Career and Work, Health and Body, Finances, Spiritual and Personal, Relationships, Fun and Recreation – some were worked on early in the journey and remain a mainstay of my life.

Others tend to be a little more fluid.  I still need to break out of the comfort zone and re-energize even the mainstay ones like Spiritual and Personal, Relationships and Health and Body.  These were the three areas I had to concentrate on most when I first started my personal growth journey as I was severely depressed and quite unwell with possible MS when I started.

TimeFinances was the next one tackled and as soon as I started to really work on it a dream job came along.  The thing was it was only a dream job for a few years.  It was what I needed the most at the time but I grew out of it.  I could have stayed in it for the safety and security, I could have worked the 47 weeks a year in a job I had outgrown and “lived” for the 5 weeks of annual leave.  That is what the majority of people do – 87% of people are unhappy in their jobs.  Most people are only happy for 2 weeks a year.  Part of the journey though is to learn to live happily 52 weeks of the year, 7 days a week and to live every minute of the time allotted to you.  The homeless person and Bill Gates both have something in common, they have 168 hours every week.  You can survive or you can thrive.

Choosing to not stay safe but to move on to working for myself doing something that I am passionate about has meant a big jump forward in career and work, and a slide in finances – and yet I know that when the finances catch up, I will be ahead of where I was before, moving up the spiral and again every day in every way my life will be getting better and better.  Than I can also build in more fun and recreation and have everything in a lovely balance until I push myself again.  That is the joy of choosing to live the life of my dreams rather than playing it safe and giving in to fear.

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Love and Light