What Is An Extraordinary Life?

June 9, 2016 Thoughts

ExtraordinaryLast night at my Wednesday Workshop I asked the question – “What makes an Extraordinary life?” and there were very few answers.  I then asked what were some beliefs around people who lived an extraordinary life and one of the answers was; that people who lived extraordinary lives didn’t care about others.  Many people see being rich and famous as living an extraordinary life, and they have no interest in having one as they see only negatives in it.  But what is an extraordinary life really – and why is it worth pursuing?

As Bob Proctor says many people are not the stars of their own lives.  They are living their lives based on the beliefs of their parents, the needs of industry and the status quo of a quiet and easily led population.  They work hard, spend money as guided by advertising and listen to ‘talk back radio’ to know what they should be thinking.  They are good citizens.  There are outliers on both extremes of this.  People who cannot function well within society and use drugs, alcohol and mental illness to escape it, and then there are those who choose to be extraordinary, who choose not to be conditioned by the status quo, who choose to listen to their own heart and to live a life of value, contribution and growth not only for themselves but also for others.  They want to expand the possibilities, forge new paths, invent new things, create a life that doesn’t settle but is always expanding and growing in joy and happiness.

Inspirational quote by Mahatma Ghandi on earthy blue backgroundThe extraordinary life is first one of awareness.  The awareness that they are so much more than they thought.  The awareness that life doesn’t have to be 40 or 50 years of waking up, going to work, coming home and sitting in front of the TV, waiting for the weekends or retirement and doing the same thing day in – day out.  The awareness that each and every one of us has the ability to decide for ourselves what our dream life is.  The awareness to know that we are more than capable of taking that dream and creating it.  The awareness to know that each and every day we can wake up happy, inspired, eager to get up and at it because life can be so much fun.  It is living an inspired life.

Just as each person has their own map or story of the world, made up of their beliefs, values and experiences, every person will have their own ‘extraordinary life’.  That which makes their heart sing.  The Wright Brothers had a dream of flying, Edison of making light, Ghandi of seeing India free and independent in a peaceful way, Mother Theresa of giving love and comfort to the poorest of the poor.  Other extraordinary people see a problem and work out there must be a better way – Richard Branson and Virgin Airlines.  The creators of Uber.  There are as many ways to be extraordinary as there are people on earth.  We just have to decide to find out for ourselves.  What do I really want?  What makes me jump out of bed inspired each day?  What gives me the most joy in life?  How can I give value and contribute to others in the most meaningful way possible.  That is an extraordinary Life.

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Love and Light