Focus! You Might Be Surprised What You Are Focusing On

May 17, 2016 Thoughts

FocusI was thinking a lot about Focus today as I practised a talk I am giving tomorrow.  Part of the talk is about Focus and it is a common subject of any growth business, whether business or personal.  A quote that is often used is “you get what you focus on.”   This is something I believe in and I know that as I have shifted my focus over the years the results I am getting have shifted also.  Sometimes I wondered why the results were so long in coming until I realised that what I thought I was focusing on was not the whole story.

You can think that you are focused on a task, on a goal or dream that you have, and yet the background self-talk is not quite on the same page.

problem focusYou may be focused on earning more money, so you are learning how to do your job better, and yet the unconscious self-talk is about paying bills, not having enough time, the extra hours you will have to put in, how hard it will be, extra expenses that may occur, how long it will take and how low your bank account is at the moment.  So what you are focused on is actually the lack of earnings and the pain associated with earning it, rather than the stated focus of “earning more money”.

Before you can start to “Focus” on what you really want in life you have to have awareness.  Awareness of what your current self-talk is around that subject.  You have to be aware when you have self-talk going on, the beliefs, thoughts and feelings that come up for you morning, noon and night about where you are in life right now.  Once you get a bit of awareness around that then you can start to shift your unconscious focus by working on new beliefs, new thoughts about the ultimate outcome of what it is you really want.

You do get what you focus on most of the time, and for a lot of us, most of the time is spent in quite unconscious self-talk that is neither productive nor helpful and then we wonder why we are not getting the results we expect.

What is some of your self-talk that may be robbing you of the results you expect?