What Does Forgiveness Have to Do With Creating Your Perfect Life?

Forgiveness Is the Start
August 22, 2017 Thoughts

Forgiveness Is the StartYou want a perfect life.  You can picture it sometimes.  The big house, swimming pool, an awesome car and lots of money.  The picture doesn’t last long as the endless chatter of your mind breaks through.  The thoughts may be fuelled by anger – “I’ll show the bastards.”  Or the thoughts may be of futility – “Who am I kidding.”  Either way the picture cannot materialise ever because the predominant thoughts of your mind are about external people and events.  Only through forgiveness can you channel the positive energy required to bring your dreams into reality.

Forgiveness is not about letting someone else off the hook.  Forgiving does not imply the other person did nothing wrong.  Forgiveness is about changing the energy.  While you are holding a grudge, being angry and plotting vengeance all your energy and focus is on the past.  It will colour the reasons why you want to achieve.  Therefore, in every way you are giving control of your life to the person or thing you are currently hating.

Foregiveness QuoteBeing unwilling to forgive also leads to criticism, judgement, intolerance and attracting more of the same.  While you are unable to forgive a person or situation, your thoughts on that will attract more people and situations which trigger the same thoughts and feelings.  Many people who are unable to forgive remain victims and wonder why they keep attracting more of the same.  In the end they give up, and gain a world view that everyone is suspect.

Saying you cannot forgive means your mind will endlessly loop, trying to re-create a perfect past.  The past is done, it cannot be changed.  Your only hope is to put the past behind you and create a perfect future.  Forgiveness is the first act of creating your new life.

The act of forgiveness also means that you are willing to see yourself in a new light.  You will not see yourself through the eyes of your oppressor.  If they abused you physically in some way it was because they saw you as weak.  If they abused you mentally and emotionally they were not seeing you as loveable or of worth.  A person who may have cheated you or took advantage of you was projecting their false beliefs of competition and lack onto you.  When you forgive you put aside other peoples views and opinions.  Therefore, you get to choose who you are, and who you will be. You take back control of the rest of your life.

Who do you need to forgive in your life?

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