Forgiveness, It Is Not What You Think It Is.

October 5, 2016 Thoughts

ForgivenessForgiveness is probably one of the most misunderstood and hated concepts around.  People often don’t want to forgive.  They think that somehow forgiveness means letting the other person off the hook.  If I forgive someone who has done something bad to me than I am saying it was ok for them to do that.   That is not what forgiveness is about.  Forgiveness is about drawing a line in the sand.  From this moment that person, thing or action, will no longer be able to control me, affect me or have any negative input into my life.


There are four levels of forgiveness.

  1.  An awareness that forgiveness is required.  Not everything that upsets, hurts or affects you is major trauma.  Sometimes it can be small irritating things.  When you notice that you have hurt or angry feelings about someone or something, then forgiveness is required.  Having hurt or angry feelings towards yourself can show that you need to forgive yourself.
  2. Forgive and Change the FutureAccepting that you can never re-create a perfect past.  When we hold on to the pain, the memory and the hate about a person or situation, it is our minds way of trying to undo it.  It is a protective mechanism that is doing more harm than good.  If only I had done this or that.  If only they had not done it.  When you forgive some-one you accept that:  It happened, it cannot be undone, it is in the past.  Don’t give any more thought, power, energy or emotion into something that can only harm you.  They/it hurt my life once, I will not continue to give them that privilege. I turn all that energy towards creating a positive future for me.
  3. forgivenessThere is a huge energy benefit to forgiving someone.  It can literally turn your life around.  To exponentially increase the positive energy flow you can do this step.  Never speak ill of that person again.  Bless them, pray for love and light for them.  Don’t curse them, put them down in conversation or try to influence others perception of them.  This can be a difficult step.  It is hard to stop talking negatively about someone that you have a long history with.  It takes thought and conscious awareness to not do it, but also to think of the positive things about the person.
  4. Unconditional Love.  At this level I think the Dalai Lama and Jesus.  It is the goal to aim for.  Unconditional love for all that is.  We are all connected.

Forgiveness was one of the first lessons I learnt.  Without forgiveness I would not have had the energy or grit to move my life from a deep dark pit of depression to where I am today.  Forgiveness is a choice.  it may be a choice that you have to make today and for a lot of days to come, but it is worth it.

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Love and Light