There Are Four Different Levels Of Knowing Something

August 29, 2016 Thoughts

Levels of KnowingI first heard about the Four Levels of Knowing Something from Andy Shaw – author of ‘A Bug Free Mind’.

  • 1st level of Know.   This is common to almost everyone.  They know to be healthy you have to eat right and exercise.  They know it – but they don’t act on it.
  • 2nd level of Know.  You have studied why you have to eat healthy and exercise and can probably talk about it at some length.  They know it with understanding – but they don’t act on it.
  • 3rd level of Know.  You have started to put into practice some of what you know.  You might make a conscious decision to eat well once or twice a week and you have joined a gym but you don’t do it all of the time.
  • 4th level of Know.  You know the information, you know why and how to do it.  It has become a way of life for you.  At this level you can truly say that you know something.

I have been aware of the four levels of know for quite a while, and like in the example for health I understood it very well.  Last week I discovered that quite a few things we know, or take for granted as knowing can have different levels as well.

unconditional loveThese are the four levels of Forgiveness.

  • 1st level of forgiveness.   You have heard that you have to forgive.  To have a peaceful and happy life you cannot hang on to anger against someone.  Un-forgiveness is wanting to give someone poison while you drink it yourself.
  • 2nd level of forgiveness.  This is thanks to Eckhart Tolle.  “Forgiveness is accepting that you can never recreate a perfect past.”  At this level you stop blaming others.  You accept responsibility for who you are and how you act in the present.  A very useful step.
  • 3rd level of forgiveness.  It is one thing to stop blaming another, it is quite another to never say a bad word about them again.  At the third level of forgiveness you bless them.  You pray that they will receive good things.  You talk kindly of them, remembering only the good things about them.  The level of debt that you carry in your life is directly linked to this level of forgiveness or un-forgiveness.
  • 4th level of forgiveness.  Unconditional Love.  You love the people who have hurt you as if they have never done it.  You understand that we are all one.  To love one is to love oneself.  To love all is to love God, Source, the Universe, Tao or whatever name you call all that is.

To learn that there are not only four levels of knowing something but that there is quite often four levels of being means that there is always more to learn and knew ways to grow.  I have found the last few days quite humbling as I realised that I had new levels of forgiveness to learn about.

Please leave a comment on your four levels of knowing, or on other things that you have found contain four levels of being.

Love and Light