Getting Profound Change One Small Action at a Time

August 17, 2015 Thoughts

Getting Profound Change One Small Action at a TimeI hurt my shoulder by doing massive action.  I washed the walls of a room ready for painting in one day.  An hour or two over a period of a week would have been much better for my shoulder.  Now many weeks later I am having to do small incremental steps to get my shoulder and arm to work properly again.

The Compound Affect of Small Action

I realised that I have achieved a lot over my life by doing a small action.  Doing the small actions that became a regular part of life have sustained the results over many years.  When I was 105kg and decided to lose weight, I did it slowly,  and with small changes rather than massive ones. This meant it took me a number of years to get to my goal weight but I have been able to keep the weight off without being on a perpetual diet.  I also have periods of not being able to exercise as much as I would like. Yet I am able to get back into it and see good results without having to turn it into a massive drama that causes me stress and overwhelm.

Making a Decision is the First Step

When faced with the prospect of change, and change on a massive scale, many people get frozen with fear.  They are unable to contemplate what the possibilities of living a changed life could mean. They fear the unknown, of stepping out of their comfort zone.  My own changes were ones of small action steps.  Sometimes the steps seemed so small I wasn’t sure they were making a difference at all. Looking back now to where I was, and how I am today I realise that every small step I took, every small practice I put into place has over time transformed me completely.

Sure I could have done it quicker, and with the aid of a Life Coach probably would have. Yet I know that even the smallest step that a person makes towards changing how they think, their view of the world or to becoming a nicer, more compassionate, kinder and peaceful person will have massive results in the end.

Being Grateful

One small step that every person can do on a daily basis to create a change with enormous impact is to decide to be grateful.  When we write down five things every day that we are grateful for, we change the neurology of our brain.  It increases our output of feel good hormones which reduces depression and it raises our energy. Making us nicer and more appealing to others which then brings about further things to be thankful about.  It is one small step with profound results.

I challenge you to start a gratitude diary today!!!

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