How Are You Going To Achieve Your Dreams?

July 22, 2016 Thoughts

Today is a perfect day to start living your dreams. InspirationaI have a dream.  Every one, at some point in their lives, has had a dream of doing something great, amazing or different.   Only 25% of people will achieve their dream or at least a good portion of it.   75% of people will give up on their dreams.  They stay stuck.  They make up a story about why the 25% do well but why they never will.  Too young, too old, not intelligent enough, not enough education, too much education, poor beginnings, wife/husband, kids and a mortgage, not enough time and definitely, not enough money.

The number one killer though, the one thing that keeps the 75% stuck is, we ask the wrong question!  You express the desire, the Ego shoots back – How?!!   You think you are asking that question.  It is realistic and practical and there is no way, no how that you can see how you could have your dream.  You think maybe, one day all my ducks will line up and then I will be able to do it.

Follow your dreams, they know the way. Inspirational quote aboutTo achieve your dreams you have to let go of the HOW.   Your job is to know exactly what it is you want.  To focus entirely on what it will look like, what it will feel like to be living your dream.  Your job is to take some action on your dream everyday, taking on extra study or practise before or after work, learning all you can about that one thing that you are super passionate about.  Stop focusing on the HOW you will do the big dream.  That brings you into focusing on all the things you don’t have.  How you cannot possibly do it.

Dreams don’t have to happen immediately.  They will never happen if you constantly think about how you cannot do it.  They happen when the focus is on achieving it.  When you pour your heart and soul into all the good things that will come from living your dream.

Inspirational Typographic Quote - Never let small minds convinceWhen you stop focusing on how, and focus on what it is you want to do, then the answers come.  An answer presents itself in casual conversation.  You meet the next right person, you suddenly see an opportunity or a great idea that you had never thought of before.  You cannot possibly know HOW your dream will come to be because there are a million possible ways it could.

We are programmed to want stuff now.  Work harder, do more, get to where you want to go as quick as you possibly can.  The real truth though is that all dreams have a gestation period.  Sometimes it will seem like nothing is happening, and every time you dig at it, feel bad about HOW it is not happening, you push the dream even further away from you.

bigstock--125544116Dream your dream.  See yourself being, doing and having all that you desire.  Focus on the important elements of Being who you need to be for the dream to fully realise.  Focus on what you can do today.  Focus on the feelings of happiness, contentment, fulfilment in what you can do right now and let the HOW take care of itself for the long haul.

When you stop asking yourself HOW you will achieve your dream but just allow the dream to be a part of your life, doing what you can in the now, the dream will unfold, gestate, in it’s own good time and it will happen.  Your one and only job is to not kill off the dream by asking the wrong question.  Dream your dream, be that person now, do something towards your dream everyday and let the magic happen.

Love and Light