Happiness is Stretching a Comfort Zone

May 17, 2015 Thoughts

Happiness is Stretching a Comfort ZoneToday I feel brilliant.  It is only 8.06am in the morning and already I feel like I have accomplished a full day of work.  Why do I feel this way?   Today I stretched a comfort zone.

Why We Have Comfort Zones

It is very easy to do things that keep you comfortable.  You don’t push yourself out there too much,  do something  different in case you are wrong, or you make a mistake.  As you try and keep yourself safe and comfortable, you create two opposing feelings within yourself.  One gives you a sense of control.  Although it has its drawbacks, as you feel that your world is getting smaller, your choices are more limited. It is harder to get the energy and the drive to try something new and different. The other feeling is a deep desire to do more, a hunger for all that life has to offer.  These two conflicting desires within you create anxiety, boredom, dis-ease and overwhelm.

I had been feeling the discomfort of these two conflicting desires battling it out within me. Stick to tried and true, small, comfortable measures, stay in my comfort zone. Or do something completely different, and go for the big option.  Just making the choice lifted me quite a bit, but to then carry out the action, that has elevated my mood to a whole different level.  The really weird thing is that it is not even about results.  It is about making the choice and then following through with the action.

Maybe you have this conflict in some areas of your life and would love to talk about it and maybe get some ideas to help resolve it.  Talking to a Life Coach can help.

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Love and Light


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