How a Life Coach Can Help Push Out Your Comfort Zone

August 15, 2016 Thoughts

Ready To Leave Your Comfort ZoneThis morning at the gym I had a choice of working by myself or taking a class with an instructor.  Working  out on my own is not always the best way as it is so easy to stop when I reach the limits of my comfort zone.  Working in a class with an instructor means that my form is good and I push harder.  I extend beyond my comfort zone to get the desired result.  I also know that I can stop when I really need to.  They can push but I am still in control of my own body.

Working with a life coach is similar.  To push you out of your comfort zone a coach can help with guidelines and strategies.  You will find that your thought forms are better and you push a little harder when you are more accountable.

Motivation Poster "small Steps"Your mind is fantastic at doing the smallest amount possible so as to conserve energy.  The mind likes to run on auto-pilot, using habits of thought that you may have had for years.  To change your life means that you have to change your thought processes. It is extremely difficult to do that on your own.  Everything that happens in life starts with a thought.  If you do not work on your thinking consistently like you exercise your body for health and fitness then you are allowing your mind to become unfit.  The more habitual your thoughts and the smaller your comfort zone the harder it gets in time to shift those patterns.

getting helpJust as you are able to move your body more to have better health and more fitness you are able to change your mind to create new and better thoughts which will enable you to have a life that truly inspires you.  Just like building strength and stamina in your body, shifting your mindset also takes time and consistent effort.  It takes anywhere from 21 days to 8 weeks to change a habit.  Your thoughts are just a habit.  They feel comfortable because that is what you are used to.  You don’t have to change every thought and you don’t have to change them immediately.  Like weight loss or body fitness it is better to start small and build change through consistent effort.

Just as it is easier and better to have a personal fitness instructor to help keep you on track with body goals, it is easier and better to have a life coach help you achieve life goals.

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Love and Light