How to Create Your Own Beautiful Mind

How to Create Your Own Beautiful Mind
June 14, 2015 Thoughts

How to Create Your Own Beautiful MindI love watching the movie ‘A Beautiful Mind’.  Every time I do, something else is highlighted in the story for me.  Last time I watched I noticed how he dealt with the illusions.  Not wanting to be zombie like from medication he made the very conscious choice to ignore the illusions. He did that so he could get on with a life worth living.

Your Beautiful Mind

You have the capacity to have a beautiful mind.  We all have illusions of one kind or another in our minds.  You may believe that you are not worthy of great success.  It may be you are not talented or creative. You may believe having an abundant life is what happens to others and never to you.  These are all illusions of thought. Old beliefs and patterns formed since childhood.  They are illusions and you can choose to ignore them. Focus only on what will create a life worth living.  Once an old Indian shaman told a young boy about two wolves fighting in his head. One angry and vengeful the other peaceful and giving, and the one that wins is the one we give our attention to.

Focus on the Beautiful

You can choose every day to focus on what will create the life you truly desire.  You can choose to focus on the states of being that you most desire, happiness, love, compassion, creativity and peace. Or you can let old illusions keep you trapped in a life that is mediocre at best or a living hell at worst.  You can choose to believe you are capable and worthy of success in all forms, relationships, wealth and health. Or you can choose to believe that you are not.

Ultimately what you choose to focus on will become the reality of your life.

Love and Light