How Re-Framing Your Belief About Time Can Give You More.

November 28, 2016 Thoughts

TimeWhat is the one thing that you have in common with the most successful people in the world?  Stumped?  We all have the same amount of time, 1440 minutes in a day.  The reason this is important is because many people don’t think they have enough to take on more.  Not enough to read and improve their mind.  They are not available to network. Take a break and enjoy life – a pipedream.  Every request for a bit of their time sends them into a tail-spin.

What Is Your Belief About Time?

Obviously time is measured differently for some.  An excellent mechanic I know can only spend so many hours in a day, doing the work that brings in his money.  In the time that he is not physically working on cars though can also be making money, depending on how he frames that.

I am part of a Networking group.  One of the biggest and best in the world.  It requires time spent in both the regular breakfast meeting once a week, and then another couple of hours during the week.  Depending on the belief, or how the belief is framed, about what those couple of hours mean is the difference between it being productive or unproductive.  My belief is that the time spent networking is money in the bank, so I will always have time for it.

If your belief, which is expressed as an I am statement, is that you are busy; I am so busy, means that any request to spend time on anything other than your current busyness will seem impossible.  In that frame, your first thought will always be, I can’t – I am too busy.  How many opportunities are lost because your belief is you are too busy to be open to new possibilities?

Make TimeHow To Re-Frame Your Belief about Time

One common trait of the super-successful is that they believe they have the time to plan out the growth of their business.  Read and grow every day of the year.  Journal, meditate and exercise.  Be available to network and be open to new possibilities.  They have time.

Changing your habit of thought from I am busy, to I have time does not give your more minutes in the day, it allows you to use it in more and more productive ways.  At first your old habits of thought will make it seem impossible.  You think of your schedule and the tasks you have in front of you and your old habits will be front and centre.  I am too busy.

Schedule one hour a week in to your busy schedule to do something different;  Whether networking, an hour to read  learn something new, or an hour in the gym.  Make it non-negotiable.  At the end of the week, analyse the effect.  Did adding that one thing cause anything else to be left undone?  Were you able to fit more in, because the extra hour was scheduled?  Were you going into that extra thing with a positive mindset and frame or were you resenting it?  Did your mindset affect the productive use of the scheduled hour?

Do you need to re-frame your belief about time?  Are there any other beliefs that may be holding you back, that just need a re-frame?  If you answered yes to either of these questions then I can help.  Leave your name and email address for a FREE one hour re-frame session.

Love and Light