What Is That Iceberg Sitting In The Way Of Your Success?

September 1, 2016 Thoughts

IcebergYou are the Iceberg.  You can see the top 10% of it and you work hard to make it the best you can.  You work hard, develop great habits, read, improve and strive for success.  You try everything you can possibly think of and yet “success” seems no closer. Some people get to this point and give up.  They decide that success must be for other people.  It is too hard.  They must be lacking in some way.   Don’t give up.  There is good news.

The 90% you can’t see is the subconscious patterning that runs much of your life.   You cannot change what you cannot see.  The subconscious doesn’t like to reveal its secrets too easily.  It is there to protect you and keep you safe.  Being visible requires vulnerability.  Learning awareness or mindfulness will reveal its secrets over time.

At the very core of the iceberg is a pristine, compressed, perfect you.  Surrounding it is all the beliefs, assumptions, social mores, decisions, desires and dreams that make up your current life.  The people who seem to breeze through life, who make it seem easy, have a subconscious that supports them.  The rest of the population doesn’t.  It doesn’t mean you can’t succeed, it just means you will have to mine the iceberg, to get rid of all the bits that don’t support success.

miningMining an iceberg is a process.  For the last 8 years I have been mining my iceberg and there has been vast improvement.  I am no longer seriously depressed, sick, unemployed and alone.  Parts of my life are extraordinarily good.   I am closer to living the successful life of my dreams.  The process is not over yet though.  New pockets of old negative beliefs and assumptions still surface.  Mining those means I get to move to the next level.

When you first start out it is great to work out what success means to you.  Decide who you want to be, what you want to do, and what you want to have.  Have a dream that inspires you to make changes in your life.  From that first moment of decision you can see and feel the change.  It’s great and then you plateau.  It is at this point that a new strategy can sometimes help.  Stop looking at your end point, the “I know I will have made it when I have this, that and everything else”.  You know it is there as does your subconscious but while you can see it, like the horizon, it seems just as far away as when you first started.

CelebrateAccomplishmentsStart to look at where you have been.  Look at the improvements you have made.  Think about the old limiting beliefs that you have changed and then dig a little deeper.  Are there bigger, more deeply buried and possibly even more damaging ones still to dig up?  You know you can dig them up and change them, you have already done that half a dozen times.   Celebrate your success and give yourself some well-earned validation.  You matter, you are capable, loveable and worthy.  You can see the progress you have made.  Enjoy this moment, live in this moment and be grateful for what you now know and let it be the inspiration to keep on digging.  That perfect life is made up of these moments.  This is success, especially considering where you started from.


Love and Light