The Importance of Being Clear On What You Want

The Importance of Being Clear On What You Want
May 22, 2015 Thoughts

The Importance of Being Clear On What You WantIf you were to ask all your friends what they want, most of them would say “Be Happy”.  Yet they have no idea either what happiness actually means to them. Or what they could do to be happy.  Happiness is a choice  we can make every day.  It is a state of being.  There is nothing we can do, or others can do for us to make us happy. As how we choose to be in regard to external events is up to us.  It is easier to choose to be happy, and then in that state, to get up and go and do things we like to do.

What Do You Want?

A much harder question to answer for many is, “What Do You Want To Do With This Life”?  For the majority of people it is to get a job, any will do. Find a partner, have some kids and to get to the end of life with as few regrets as possible.  For many older people, it is not the things they did that they regret, but all the things they didn’t do.

For some people the biggest regret is the things they started to do and then gave up because “reality” got in the way. This is where being really clear on what you want helps.

Our brain picks up over two million bits of information every day. This is sorted for us in our middle brain, so that only the things that are deemed important are passed on to our conscious thoughts.  It sorts them according to your predominant thoughts.  If you are concentrating on buying a new car, a particular model or colour, then all of a sudden you see them all around you.  They were always there but because that information is now deemed important, as you are thinking about it, so it is brought to your conscious awareness.  We only have access to the information that is in alignment with our predominant thoughts.

Your Beliefs About What You Want

If you believe the world is a harsh place, everything is too expensive and there is serious lack in the world. Then only things that are in alignment with that will be brought to your attention.  You miss all the great bits.

How can you change this?  The first thing is to get clear on what you do want.  What is the perfect job for you right now? How much income do you want, and believe is either possible or probable? What are some of the experiences you want to have and enjoy in the next 12 months?  Who do you want to have in your life over the next 12 months?  What kind of experiences do you want to have with them?  How do you want your health and energy levels to be?  How do you want to grow and contribute over the next 12 months? Being very clear on all these things will start to bring ‘the how’ of achieving them into your awareness.

Using the Power of the Mind

You have an awesome tool to aid you, but it can also be your worst enemy if you are not vigilant.  If you are thinking  of the lack of what you desire, rather than having the desire, the messages to your sorting system are all mixed up.  Then you get mixed results.  The amazing thing is that as soon as you become aware, you are able to change your thoughts, and thus redirect your mind.  All problems and issues are resolved.

What results are you getting?  Pick something small you desire, think about it in all the ways you can using all your senses, imagine it in full colour and 3D.  Think of it first thing in the morning and last thing before you go to bed and then notice when things that relate to it start to come to your awareness.  Being aware and knowing this works will change your life.  Please leave a comment here or on my Facebook page about how this goes for you.

Love and Light