Is Fear Running our Country?

May 6, 2016 Thoughts

MoneyOver the last couple of days there has been a lot about the budget on the news and in commentary.  Most of the headlines talk about the winners and the losers.  Some of them talk about class warfare.  The one thing that I have taken from this budget is that both sides pander to the “fear” in people.   What our politicians do is quite often outside of our control, and what will be, will be.  Every individual has to work out what is being pandered to, and to work out for themselves whether they will give in to the fear or whether they will rise above it.

A lot of people are unaware when they are struggling to survive week to week, when they have a lot of worry about where the next dollar is going to come from, that some of the super-rich are actually struggling with the same thing.  The fear that there will not be enough to go around, that somehow they will be “less than” if someone gets a piece of the pie.  They worry about being insignificant if they do not have the money.  They think the sky will fall in if they do not hoard away enough money to last them several lifetimes.  Not all poor people live in fear and not all rich people do either.  In the end it comes down to seeing past the fear, to what is possible.

Dream without FearWe get to choose whether we will allow outside forces, like our politicians, the budget, the world economy and world events to shape who we are and what is possible for us.  Or we can choose to see past the fear and to realise that ultimately our lives are in our own control.  We can choose to think differently, to take actions consistent with those thoughts and to get the outcomes we desire.  The power is inside all of us to shape the world, one person at a time from a position of love rather than fear.  When we know that we are in control of our own future if we choose to be, when we know that we are worthy of being, doing and having our own dreams and when we know that our own acts of love and self-kindness have a huge ripple affect then we can stop assessing everything from the fear perspective.  Politicians, CEO’s, small business owners, employees and every person on the planet is the same as everyone else.  They are either guided by fear or love.  The great thing is we get to choose.

What will be your choice today?