Is That Passion Really Yours? Why We Live Other People’s Passions

July 11, 2016 Thoughts

PassionDo you dream of writing books, painting pictures, taking amazing photographs, writing awesome music, playing in a band, designing fabulous clothes or using some other amazing creative talent? Do you have a passion for creative pursuits.

You would love to live your life giving yourself totally to creating that which is inside you but you have always been told that it won’t pay the bills.  Only the best get to live off their creative skill, and maybe you aren’t that good at it.  Your dream is not going to support you, so you give up on the dream.

You may still dabble in it occasionally, but the fear of not being good enough, and having to be realistic about the bills, means that you never give yourself to it fully.  Then you meet some-one who is totally passionate about what they are doing.  That energy is contagious and you find yourself getting caught up in their passion.  Just being around them makes you feel more alive. It sure feels better than getting involved in your own thing with all the negative self-talk going on.

Author lying in the heap of paperYou also see they are making good money from their thing. They are so passionate about how good it is for you that they convince you to join with them.  They are also correct, their passion is something that is good for you.  Whether it is growing as a person, doing more exercise, eating in a healthier way, living a more passionate and inspired life, making decent money.  It is all good and valid, so you jump on their bandwagon.

The beautiful female photographer with the digital cameraThen you realise you can see the good, you can see and feel the benefits, you are just not into it in the same way they are.  You want to be able to say, I want this part of your dream, that part of your passion, but I have something different inside of me.  This is what I believe.  Then you realise that you are still living old subconscious thought patterns.  You can still hear those voices of your childhood telling you that you are not enough. You can’t make money from it. Be realistic.

Unfortunately your beliefs and your thoughts do create your outcome.  The good news is that you can change your thoughts and beliefs.  Awareness of the old beliefs and patterns is crucial. You can only change that which you are aware of.  You also need to give yourself time.  Believe that you can change things around.  Believe that whatever you set in motion today will have a pay-off in the ‘not too distant future’.  Commit to being fully committed to your own dream instead of getting caught up in other people’s dreams.

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Love and Light