Just Another Label

September 23, 2015 Thoughts

Today I did a quick DISC profile of myself.  It was as I expected very inconclusive as don’t fit moulds very well;  I was completely balanced in 3 areas.  Using different profiling techniques has become widely used in many industries to gain a better perspective of people and teams but I think it has some serious drawbacks.  It is just another label….

In the Myer Briggs test I apparently have one of the rarest profiles, less than 3% of the population has it.  Does this mean I would be excluded from employment as I would not fit in easily within the team dynamics, or are my employment opportunities limited to a handful of jobs where working by oneself, totally owning the job, being allowed to do it in my own way and at my own pace; yet being able to blend with others when required is the most important trait.

Labels, whether good or bad inhibit growth.  Sometimes we need to break out of our comfort zones of who we are, what we are comfortable with, what we think we are capable of to continue to grow as a person.

A personality profile doesn’t help us to discover what we are passionate about, what moves us to get out of bed every morning excited to be alive, challenged to expand our being. It doesn’t help us to be more caring and compassionate about other people, our planet and the choices we make regarding them.

A personality profile basically states how we would handle working in a dead-end and dull job that we do to pay the bills.  Obviously some profiles would handle that much better than others, yet it is not encouraging a person to grow, to see new possibilities to become excited about life. It is a label that is used to put people into boxes, that encourages conformity and is used to exclude those that would be disruptive to the status quo.  It may weed out those that are disruptive in a bad way, but they also exclude the best, the innovative, the passionate, the mavericks that are needed to create change in the world.

We are all born with a huge capacity of unlimited potential.  We don’t need to label people, put them into boxes, we need to encourage each other to explore, try, expand and be all that we are capable of being.

Love and Light