I Know What I Want But is it What I Expect?

September 28, 2017 Thoughts

expectYour predominant thoughts create your life.  The problem for many people is they think they are thinking about what they want but their not.  Subconsciously they are thinking about all the reasons it isn’t going to happen.  They know what they want but they don’t really expect it to happen.

I have one area of my life perfectly aligned between knowing what I want and expecting it to happen.  This is in the area of health, especially mental health but also physical health.  I have had so many experiences of healing or of just not getting sick it is now second nature to expect the outcome I desire.  Having analysed how this works for me I am now working on aligning my desires and expectations in respect to money.

How can you tell which thoughts are dominant?

Think of an area of life you would like to see change or improve.  Can you see it happening?  If your desires and what you expect are aligned you will have a sure sense of knowing.  A feeling it is all going to be ok.  You are so sure about it you don’t even think about it much.

If your desires and what you expect are not aligned you will have a sense of unease.  It will be hard to picture it happening.  You may find yourself asking “how” a lot with your ego telling you all the reasons it can’t be done.  Rather than focus on the how the best question to ask at this point is “Why do I believe I can’t have this?  All sorts of beliefs will come to mind.  A couple of common ones are: it is too hard, I am too old or young, I have to be responsible, I have no will-power.

Then more questions are required. Why do I believe this?  Where does this belief come from?  Then work out a positive belief you could exchange for the negative one you have.  Repeat it often until it becomes the predominant thought.

Your predominant thoughts will be what you believe.

I may have been like 90% of the population in regards to health except my experiences and my multiple allergies meant I could not just accept I may get sick and a pill would fix it.  Many years ago I had my first healing purely by desire and thought.  Now when something occurs I first go and looking up the spiritual cause.  This may sound very airy-fairy to some yet it is what works for me.  When I know the spiritual cause the problem usually goes within a day or two as I look at my thinking in this area.  For some people good health comes from a focus on diet and exercise.  The main thing is ‘don’t accept ill health as part of life’.  Having a desire for great health with the expectation of having great health, means great health is much more likely.

What is an area of life you would love to see changed?  Are your expectations lining up with the desire?

Please leave a comment and let me know.

Love and Light