The Language of Success and Why it Doesn’t Have to be Hard

The Language of Success and Why it Doesn't Have to be Hard
May 3, 2017 Thoughts

The Language of Success and Why it Doesn't Have to be HardI was watching a short video about success being hard.  I understood the message but it didn’t resonate with me.  The language used in the video could motivate some people, make them feel special because they were willing to do the “hard” stuff.  It was quite clear, only those who are willing to do the hard stuff succeed.   Being a success and being an extraordinary person can be achieved using much more inclusive language.  Everybody has it in them to be successful in life.


There are a few words which immediately spring to my mind when thinking of success.  The first one is consistency.  To be a success in anything you have to be consistent in your efforts.  In the story of the hare and the tortoise the hare ran off fast, he worked hard, but then stopped.   The turtle moved slowly but won the race with consistency.


The second word is inspiration.  People can be motivated to do things.  They are likely to be working hard, being busy, hustling. They expand a lot of effort and energy, they enjoy the hard road to success, working hard but not necessarily smart.  Inspiration comes from a quieter place.  It is the ‘ah-ha’ moment that shows the quickest and easiest way to achieve the one necessary thing to move you forward.  Inspiration to a problem can only come when you have first focused on all the facts available.  You do have to be consistent with sitting with an issue, and then letting it go.  Go take a walk, have a shower or meditate for a while.  You have to allow the quiet moment to be there for the inspired solution.


My third word is passion (or deep desire).  I have worked at a few jobs I was not passionate about.  They were hard work and I was not particularly successful.  I know many people who work hard and are not successful because they are not passionate about what they are doing.  I also know quite a few successful people who are passionate about what they do and they are not struggling with the language of hard and hustle and difficult.  Their passion drives them to be consistent, inspired and focused.  They achieve because they believe in what they are doing.

The language you employ towards any goal you feel is worth achieving will determine how “hard” it is.  If you believe success is only possible with hard work you are likely to give up before you start.  A toddler does not consider learning to walk “hard”.  They achieve because they are focused, consistent and sometimes inspired.  They have a deep desire to do it.

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Love and Light